Monday, June 13, 2022

Bees Are Not This Busy

My last post was on May 31st, a little over two weeks ago. I am getting lazier or busier. Which is it? 

Let me see, looking at my calendar: I have had a "personal interview" to renew and update my TSA number for traveling. TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration. That is a 40-minute drive from my house to the Vehicle Administration Building.  I am still waiting for the number as it will take 10 or more days to get the number to be able to move into the "faster" line at the airport. No removing of shoes, etc. This luxury costs about $100 and lasts about(?) five years. 

I helped with the crowds of visitors at the Master Gardener Booth at the Children's garden. That was at least five hours of talking and taking promo photos and transplanting free native plants to give away. 

My granddaughter got a new job so we had to postpone our trip to later on that Saturday.

So, on the same day later in the afternoon, I went up to the city and took my granddaughter on a clothes shopping trip for a belated birthday.  After a few hours of enlightenment on what teenagers are wearing these days---not much (I really could not tell the difference between bras and "outer" tops!) .  I also learned that my daughter and granddaughter's favorite perfume is $300 a bottle!  Not buying that for her birthday.  I did learn that all of the most popular items at the make-up store were not available.  We are continuing to suffer from transportation issues due to the WAR and COVID.

Long lines to try on clothes.  Yes, this is an upper-middle-class mall.

Using the screens to scroll through hundreds of stores.

The very next afternoon, I helped with another Master Gardener booth at a nearby museum and historic mansion.  Over 800 visitors!  That evening I was wiped or whipped like fine cream and really wanted a reprieve, but....

The VERY NEXT day I headed up to the local radiology center (another 30-minute drive) and had not one but two breast biopsies.  This time I asked for some Xanax as my biopsy over two decades ago was pretty traumatic.  It was still extremely painful.  Hubby drove me up and back.  I learn later today the results.  This time she nicked an artery and my left boob looks like ...well never is not pleasant.

I relaxed last week after all the above.  This week I have the repair people coming to replace the HVAC system which will take two full days, maybe lots of noise, and a large closing payment.  Living without AC is no longer possible in this climate-changing world.  The rest of the basement ceiling tiles that had absorbed water finally gave way this week and now, I need an electrician and a handyman.

On Thursday I got up my energy (remember I am an introvert) to call a 96-year-old friend I have not seen since before COVID and am taking her out to lunch at a local restaurant.  She is a little hard of hearing and I can tell by talking to her on the phone that she is slowing down, so I am gearing down.  She is a brilliant nutritionist, so it is hard for me to see this.

Then on Friday my daughter and maybe some of the grands are coming down for a Father's Day visit.  Only the evening and perhaps a bit of the morning on Saturday.  They are SO VERY BUSY.  They really are.  Just following their few posts on FB makes me exhausted.

Well, that gets me through this next week.  At least I have an excuse for failing to update my blog.  I hope those of you that celebrate real Father's Day and Volunteer Father's Day have it full of hugs and gentle memories.  

And aren't you jealous at how busy I am...EGAD.


  1. Carry on. One appointment per week is more than enough for me.

  2. Please, get your rest
    You do a lot for the community. You don't need to get run down, especially when dealing with biopsies. Prayers all goes well

  3. I think you might consider trying to say no once in a while. You're so generous to everyone.

  4. Hope things turn out better for you this week. Jeepers, I didn't know people lined up to try on clothes. Linda in Kansas

  5. My VT life is far less busy than my FL life. Eventually I make the adjustment but it takes langer each year it seems. So, busy -- not time to poar. Not busy -- nothing to post about.

  6. My dealing with people account was drained just reading all your activities. I feel ya on the AC. We just had ours replaced. And I hope the biopsy news is the best possible.

  7. You are brave to take your granddaughter shopping!
    I think I have been busy too, but not THAT busy!

  8. Not at all busy. I'd like one of those terra cotta colored zippered sweatshirts.

  9. These busy times you can reflect on when your life goes slower -- if you survive. ha. Just be glad you still can generate the energy to do all you're doing.

  10. You made it clear why you haven't posted in a while. Busy, busy lady.

  11. You are as busy retired as i am at work. Many people i know who are retired say the same, they wouldn't have time to work now because of everything else they're doing..

  12. I'm sure being so busy keeps you young. We've slowed down an awful lot since Covid hit 2 years ago.

  13. And the results are?????

  14. I'd need a week or two to rest after all those activities. I can't imagine needing to buy anything so badly that I'd queue for it. Hope you will enjoy some quiet time soon.


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