Saturday, December 30, 2023

Hanging In There

Finally, the tail end of the long winter celebration is almost done. I have my son and DIL and their little girl coming down this evening. We will be going to a "Festival in the Lights' on the evening of New Year's Day. It is a precious time and I have filled the freezer and refrigerator with pre-made foods. I am nursing a very mild virus (not acting like a cold and not acting like the flu), but certainly makes me feel tired and want to drink hot toddies all day and then sleep.  

I will be recharged by the time they arrive tonight.  We finished all the homemade chicken soup I made two days ago, so I am heating up store-bought.  Hubby has no longer moved into cooking with his dementia.

I have no reason to feel sorry for myself.  I certainly am a privileged old soul.  I can afford crappy pre-made food that tastes better than what many consume elsewhere.  

Above is a photo of us returning after the traditional light drive by.
My DIL said her parents were coming, but then her father came down with COVID and they were not...and now I see photos of them at her house celebrating a belated Christmas in texts, so I really do not know how many guests I will have.

Maybe they are coming?? Maybe not?

I have learned to go with the flow.  Hubby and I will eat store-bought chicken pot pies tonight because the guests are arriving after 8:00PM.  Hubby is out with our electrician, all day today, fixing the dock electric line.  I am lying in bed and reading Obama's first title on his book list, "The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store".  It is good if not great. 

My Christmas was fine with all of the Grands getting something they wanted.  A hand strengthener for my rock climber grandson, a 3-D printer for the younger grandson ( which he proceeded to get chemicals in his eyes while setting it up!), and lots of clothes, jewelry, and cosmetics for my granddaughter.

It is all a little busy for me.  I look forward to January.  I hope all fell into a casual place with your Christmas.  I actually attended a Catholic Mass...virtually.  I also liked the sermon which is a generous review.

Sunday, December 17, 2023


I am amazed every holiday season, but perhaps this one more than others, at how fast time is moving and how my days are truly numbered.  Age creeps up on humans like a snail from across the meadow, but when that snail is within eyesight, you can really see that it is MOVING!!

Below is a photo I took about six or seven years ago.  That sweet tall boy is now in college!  Being the worrier that I am, I used to worry about him living on a busy street and now I worry about him rock climbing.

That sweet girl on the right is now a young woman cheering on the high school football team, and the little tiger in the lower left plays flag football and gets A's in math.

My heart gets so full of love for them that it brings tears to my eyes and makes me realize how very lucky I am this holiday season.  And it does not go without saying I have a sweet new girl to follow as the snail follows me.


My life moves slowly like the snail and his life is on uber speed.