Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Before I lock the door..

I am going to have lunch or dinner with my best friend from high school and college days. While we are very different, our history together has made us soulmates. Anyone who reads this in the next 24 hours can comment...I have a question. Should I allow hubby to come? This is an important question because of the following facts:

I love my husband dearly.
I have not seen this gal in years.
I love her dearly.
My husband tends to take over a conversation most times.
I usually don't care.
I have not had a girly night or time out in ages.

What do you think?

I am not setting this up for a specific answer...really.

Going Our Different Ways

I am getting ready to head out to my homeland for about 9 days. I have not talked to my father very much since his hearing is gone and he has not clue one about using a computer. I may (or may not) have access to a PC or laptop for blogging. I know, I can hear all the moaning and groaning in blogdom...oh wait, that is just the old apartment AC kicking in.

Well, in the event that some poor soul cares, I will not be back until after September 2--and depending on comments, y'all may or may not be my first priority at that time. If the Rocky Mountains move me, I will try a haiku or two.

Anyway, as I sit here eating my version of a 'CHuckee-CHeese' menu -- CHeese, CHips and CHardonnay, I am beginning to regret our policy of keeping the refrigerator food inventory down before a long trip. We have not been shopping in days. (Actually this whole thing of keeping two refrigerators in different locations slightly full is getting old pretty fast.)

Someday I must blog on the shelf life of things. Chardonnay, Chips and Cheese pretty much last forever when not opened. Therefore I am eating these tonight. Hubby gets a frozen burrito or two.

I will not answer the plant question (you figure that out) until I return. Ha!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Too Much of a Good Thing is Still Too Much of a Good Thing

Too much of a good thing is too much of a good thing. I really think that life is all about balance and evenness and while uneven is interesting and sometimes exhilarating, it usually means a fall or a slide until all is in balance again. This slide keeps us awake and helps appreciate the other side even more, but peace is really when all is in balance. I don't care how much you like it, you will get tired of too much exhilaration.

Last week I was reading a news story about the sea life in La Jolla, California. I remember visiting the shoreline there a few years ago. I could smell the richness of the sea long before I reached the walkway to look over the coast. The richness I am talking about was the smell of sea lion feces and old fish. This was in thanks to the many lumps of sea lions lounging on the floating docks and rocks in the water. They covered every bare space and if you were trying to get to a boat that had been tied up you better be careful that it didn't appear you were disturbing one of them...that could get you a nasty fine. According to the article they now are taking over the beaches. Centuries ago they probably owned the beaches. Now mankind wants to use the beach as well and there is a definite conflict of space. Too much of mankind and too many sea lions. No balance.

A similar event is taking place in my county. We now have more white tail deer than were here when the pioneers arrived. This is due to all the land we cleared and all the open grass areas we have developed along the freeways and in the city and county parks and of course, the well-manicured yards of every home. This is also because we no longer hunt deer for food. The deer have no interest in moving off your driveway when you arrive home from work. They stare at you like cattle casually chomping on that hosta leaf and wondering why you bother to come home each evening insisting they move. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of shrubbery and landscaping have been eaten to the bare bark. Neighbors try to protect rows of dramatic hostas and gardens of colorful roses with bird netting. Netting that gets tangled in the lawn mower and gets tangled in your shoe laces and doesn't look all that pretty and thus, distracts from the beauty of what you are trying to raise.

We have a private botanic garden nearby that finally put up a ten foot metal fence around its acreage with an automatic gate for cars. They were losing rare plants that were hundreds of years old due to deer foraging. Too many deer and probably too many people loving the plants. Ten years ago they did not need a fence around the garden.

Well, it should all slide back into place in the coming years. Disease and famine and death will reappear and painfully balance will reign once again in the end, although I may not be here to see it.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Yes, too much wine...but

I kind of like the color, and it is the first actual section where my selection of html code actually worked! I mean there are only so many lines of computer crap one can read...so for now it stays.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I am so glad you asked,

And now for ahbsolutely ehveryone who has ahsked... That butter yellow color on the walls of the living area of my house does not render itself as accurately on the web as I would like. The brand is Duron and the color is Jonquil. The first photo above is in direct sunlight and the second is not. Like most yellows, it changes dramatically with the lighting...I also understand that yellows fade as well. This yellow has a slight peach cast that you cannot see.

I hope to do some type of overcolor or glaze in a darker brown, orange or copper color to add depth.


Today in my email I got the "Buzzword of the Day"


Bloggers have become the media’s new darlings, but in BuzzWhack’s view marketing guru Guy Kawasaki’s definition rings truer than ever: Someone with nothing to say writing for someone with nothing to do."

That really motivates me to take some time and post today...

Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday Musings

Our first visitor this week landed on the railing of the deck, jumped to my husband's leg and then leaped to the rope of the large green umbrella and finally landing on one of the spokes at the top. Maybe he thought it was a tree. We are glad that we saw him as now we will be more careful in lowering and raising the deck umbrella!

The daughter, SIL, Xman and son all came to spend the weekend for a birthday celebration. The child exploded over my brandnew house in seconds. Windows with the view of the water were smudged with tiny little fingerprints, rugs covered with dangerous obstacles, wood floors sprinkled with milk and walls getting their first nicks from the 'cars'.

We ate baby back ribs, salad, corn on the cob and garlic bread on the deck the first evening followed by an angel food cake. The weather cooperated wonderfully. Early morning found Xman waiting for more food.

Breakfast was waffles. Delicious!!

Kids got a relaxing breakfast while hubby and I babysat. Uncle had lots of fun entertaining the little guy as well...

...including the traditional "lending of the bigshoes."

One look at our lawn that had been destroyed by the bulldozer removing the chain link fence and Xman decided we needed to do some more seeding.

Then in just a few short hours everyone was gone and all that was left were the sweet memories.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Upon arrival at work early this morning, this is what greeted me from outside the fourth floor window on the cool side of the building as I walked, lost in thought, toward my cubicle. I was planning the day in my head when I got that feeling that I wasn't alone and upon looking up and out the window, this meditating creature was studying me.

My office is on the fourth floor of the building and that meant this guy was way outside his normal terrain. After dropping off my stuff and booting up my PC, I crossed the floor to the other side of the building to sign in and saw this as I looked up and out the window.

I think someone is trying to tell me to "pray" that the "sharks" don't get me at work.

(This week has been the most exhausting for hubby as the radiation toxins are now starting to reveal symptoms. Some digestive problems but mostly just exhaustion. He sleeps 10 to 12 hours each night. But he is going strong when he is awake.)

Heading out this weekend to the house. We are celebrating a belated birthday for my hubby with the kids. They will be spending the night. Mattresses still sit on the floors and there are not a lot of chairs, but we will make do. There are also only two mirrors available. Many boxes and temptations for Xman...we will have to be on our toes. Weather is predicted to be comfortable enough for a barbecue. Our first since last summer!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Black Talk

“Caw." "Ca rue ca rue.”
Two feathered friends’ rhythmic cool
Summer jazz session

Alice in Wonderland or Your Kingdom at Work

Alice was talking to the White Rabbit last week about her upcoming croquet game with the Queen and how nervous she was at making an effort to do well so that she could make the Queen look good. (She had been invited to join the Queen’s Team by the Fish-Footman recently at a high-tea.)

The White Rabbit briefly checked his watch, and then casually pointed out to Alice that her way of playing croquet with the Queen could be so improved if she took advantage of some strategies that had been demonstrated by the Cheshire Cat last year and written up by the Dormouse. It should be noted and was forgotten by Alice at the time that White Rabbit always had good ideas that weren't always well thought out.The Dormouse had never made a lot of money, but was much smarter than most subjects in the Kingdom and did lots of strategizing and writing. The White Rabbit suggested she follow him down the Hole of Possibilities for a demo of this strategy. Alice eagerly complied and when they reached the bottom, he demonstrated this strategy on his new large computer and Alice, of course, was impressed. She knew that the Cheshire Cat had gotten an award by the Wonderland Croquet Association for his innovative approach last year and since she had some leftover cake in her apron pocket, she was hoping that she could get him to let her in on the little secret. After all, this would benefit all of the kingdom and not just her, because this would make the Queen very generous and happy for months.

After thanking White Rabbit Alice decided to run this idea by the Mad-Hatter. He seemed to be her mentor these days. His style of insanity seemed to work the best in the Kingdom. He also agreed with White Rabbit about approaching Cheshire Cat as a good way to use up the cake before it got stale. The Kingdom of Wonderland is full of stale cake at this time of the year.

So Alice put on her cleanest apron transferring the piece of cake to the starched pocket and went off to visit the Cheshire Cat at his office. Cheshire Cat was one of the few people in the Kingdom that had a windowsill to sit and dream on, which he seemed to do more often than not, and that was exactly how Alice found him. He smiled his 'Ultrabrite' toothy smile as she approached. (Alice hated that easy smile of his.) He stretched very slowly before leaping from the window sill, and took his time recognizing her presence. She explained her venture with the Queen and then told him she had talked with White Rabbit who in turn suggested she might use his "already created, magnificent, brilliant and very original strategy."

Cheshire Cat started purring and then looked off into space as if he were thinking. Somehow, above the noise of his loud purring, she knew he wasn’t thinking about any one thing and was just stalling for time or maybe deciding if he could disappear easily. After stroking his whiskers with both paws he finally stated that this type of strategy cost lots of cake and the time of someone very wise, such as Dormouse who happened to be under Cheshire Cat’s domain at the time.

“But you have already developed the strategy and I just want to implement it on the exact same croquet field? This would make us BOTH look good. We could BOTH benefit. I would certainly mention your name to the Queen.” Alice reasoned.

Cheshire Cat looked at her as though she were speaking French! He seemed insulted. (He had recently lost three mice due to starvation because he moved some cake into incorrect pantries and therefore, lost it, and as a result, he was a little on edge.)

“How many pieces of cake and how much time?” she finally asked.

Cheshire Cat stared at the ceiling. “Uh…” pause…”Ahem…” pause “maybe…I guess between 20,000 and 50,000 pieces of cake and …I don’t know how much time. You would have to ask the Dormouse but, unfortunately, he is visiting his Aunt Brie in Iceland right now.”

Alice stared at her shoes. She had only three days before the big event. She had 45,000 pieces of cake in her freezer, but she needed a new cake plate which cost about 6,000 pieces and she had promised Mad Hatter she would help him with a tea party that also needed cake and she didn’t know how many people were going to be invited to the tea party so she didn’t know how much cake would be needed and oh dear.

“Ok, I'll let you know if I can get my hands on some more cake,” she said and left.

Alice was low in mood and just a little panicked. She passed Mad Hatter by the stream and told him her dilemma. Mad Hatter suggested they keep her cake in the freezer until next year when it would be more useful---but maybe more stale. He also suggested that instead, an alternative would be to send the cake to Mock Turtle who was a very cooperative turtle and maybe he could study the strategy and help Alice.

Alice was wondering how long this would take. Friday’s and weekends were not the best days for the young and popular Mock Turtle to learn stuff and Mock Turtle was more a soccer kind of turtle and not a croquet kind of turtle.

Alice watched the sun set on another day beyond the field across the stream thinking and trying to be positive.

To be continued…maybe.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"Morning, Squirrel"

Sound of crush above.
Pink crepe petals surrender;
Scattered summer bared.