Tuesday, February 27, 2024

And at the End of the Day..

I have been busy or perhaps just need more recovery time before taking up the blog again. 

For instance, today I have my cleaning helper, the arrival of a plumber to fix the leaking bar sink in the kitchen (something I could do if I pretzel myself once again) and in the afternoon some overnight company is coming in from Connecticut. A younger me would have shrugged my shoulders while the older me keeps lists of everything...sheets that need changing from my son's recent visit, cleaning the bar sink area for the plumber, and meal planning for guests that have allergies. 

We just said goodbye to some visitors from Hawaii last week. Not much cooking was needed there as both had picked up some intestinal bug from a fancy restaurant during their layover in California! We caught up between their visits to the bathroom.  One wanted oysters and was brave enough to eat two from our dock cages.  Then we sent them off on their trip to Portugal.

Also, today I am adjusting to dementia in someone very smart.  Hubby has started an oyster farm(!) to hang on to our oyster sanctuary lease owned by all of our neighbors.  The only way we can save the lease is to make it commercial!  Please do not ask me why the government insists on us harvesting our great water cleaners, but I think it has something to do with the oystermen and their lobbying efforts.  A sanctuary with maybe a 10% harvest would have made so much more sense, but they are abolishing sanctuaries!

Hubby is plunging ahead with the naive view that he can do this as he is an environmentalist.  I, in the meantime, have made him schedule an appointment with a lawyer to make sure that the forms he signs do not co-mingle our personal funds with whatever money is involved in "farm".  Needless to say, this is a huge interruption in my day as he cannot really figure out all the details of the USDA forms.  (They have given him a three-year grant of $180,000!)  I think my son has already made the application for the LLC, but I cannot reach my husband via his phone!  Dementia be damned!

Pushing 80, I have no interest in any of this.  I want to watch birds at the feeder, read poetry and mysteries, take walks, capture some early spring sunsets on my camera, and watch British TV.  I might even start trying to make bread again.