Monday, March 31, 2008

Tech No No's

Tammy at The Daily Warrior recently blogged about cell phones and how frustrating it is to adjust to the cultural changes they are bringing about---such as talking to people who are not talking to you but talking to their Bluetooth..

I find that, for the most part, cell phones are valuable. When I ‘lose’ a family member in the mall, they save me time. When I am trying to meet up with friends or family at a specific time, they come in handy. A cell phone is necessary sometimes when meeting someone at the airport after flight delays, and they are so valuable for emergencies when you are not near your land line.

As a devotee of new technologies I am willing to work on that necessary learning curve. BUT, yesterday, I was in agreement with Tammy.

I had recently seen my son on Friday night after a long hiatus and when I got a text message on Sunday morning, I knew it was him since he is the only person who text messages me and I have never text messaged back. This time I was up for it. It went as follows (names and locations changed to protect everyone):

The Text message I received: “Whazup? Son son”

Me: “Goin shopin, Smith’s coming later, daughter mulchin call if you want”

“WTF did u just write” (When did he get so rude with his mother?)

My diplomatic response, “Call me”



“okey dokey imam call u when I get back in “State”

Once I reached the mall I decided to check this text message dialogue to see why my son was out of the state and what was going on. As you have astutely already guessed, I had just received my first wrongly sent text message. (Thank goodness it wasn’t a drug deal.)

So, if you are ‘son son’--- watch your text language please and make sure your dialing finger is accurate.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Remember when you had hormones?

I have added a NEW link beneath My Other Blogs link in the side column, to one of my favorite new bands. It is loud and raw and sexy and reminds me of my youth---(Yeah, Tabor, you wish).

If you are over 40 you should probably have a drink before listening to this band to mellow out and forget all that adult nonsense you do during the day that pays all those adult bills. I am related to a person who writes much of the music and lyrics...needless to say, any person Tabor would be related to is HOT! OOOUCH!!

I shamelessly promote this information to any talent scouts that you know. Everyone needs at least one rock star in the family.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

An Email Smile

Just got this email from hubby in Korea:

"I must say one thing I am going to have to go on a diet this next two weeks and do exercise as the trips are just one big eating orgy. There are big lunches and dinners, you remember our Taiwan experience where we hoped we could take a break from eating for three days or so because of the constant large meals. The Koreans always seem to have about four surges of food in addition to all the little side dishes they bring out. The food has really been good but they always want me to try new things so I overeat. My clothes still fit OK but I know I am heavier. "

The Punch List

I have been living (at least on weekends) in my new house for almost 18 months now. As with any new house, there is always what the builder calls a punch list that is reviewed when the house is 99% done. The punch list is a list of items that the builder or the owner identify as corrections to mistakes or things that need to be finished but were overlooked. They usually get done prior to the final payment or within a month after the final payment.

Since my husband and I are relatively easy going and have made our final payments, there are still a few things that need to be done. I am not worried because the builder's subcontractor is free-lancing by finishing our basement. He has said he will get to these items and he is a reasonably nice guy, so I trust him. I also find that my karma gets really crappy if I turn into one of those bitchy homeowners that feel it is necessary to get in the contractors face every time I see him, when I see that he IS doing work. As a side comment we are actually having the basement finished based on a handshake, an estimate that is not in writing and by writing checks every now and then when asked. I do not recommend that homeowners do this in real life, but it seems to be working for us.

ANYWAY, one of the items on my punch list is that foyer light above. The larger light in the foreground was hung quite high with the builder's brother telling me that was necessary to allow a decorative view from outside the front door when it was on at night. There was a spot light over that window that fell on that small landing below---this landing is found in many new homes and is a totally useless feature added by architects for you to place totally useless decorative crap that you could not reach to dust without endangering yourself.

This foyer light in the foreground was found after much searching in several light stores and catalogs for something large enough in size and with a style that fit with my "pseudo-Tuscan" approach. The light was found hanging in a corner of one of the larger light fixture stores covered in dust. Naturally the builder hung it with all the dust still intact! When I explained to the builder that the foyer light was so damn high even my husband could not reach it to clean it or replace bulbs with his two story ladder and that it needed to be lowered, this led to me purchasing a similar light (from a totally different company) that hung directly in front of the window where the ceiling spot was. (WE RARELY USE THIS SECOND LIGHT!)

Now I continue to see my foyer light dusty and with one burned-out bulb hanging at the same height as if in some vacant house. I wait patiently for them to lower it at least two feet. They keep saying they will get to it. I will keep those blogreaders who are on the edge of their seat about this challenge posted.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday Thoughts #10--Lies - Black and White

  1. Do you tell your husband that you threw out the year-old toaster with the broken plastic knobs and bought a brand new one that cost three times as much, or do you just hope he doesn't notice when he gets back from his travels? (In my self defense the old/new toaster buttons could only be turned with a fish hook remover thingy which no longer opens regardless of my extensive efforts and use of four letter words.)

  2. Do you tell your daughter that her foolish husband was throwing Xman up into the air and then came so close to missing catching him that the kid almost landed head first on the sidewalk and one came away crying and one came away almost crying? (Heart attack city my friends.)

  3. Should you feel guilty for blowing off the last two hours after your doctor's appointment when you should have been driving back to work instead of home? (Who am I kidding?)

  4. Is it a lie when you tell your doctor that you drink a glass of wine in the evening when it is usually closer to 2 or 3 glasses?

  5. Are you being foolish when you fail to tell your son-in-law that you have second degree burns on the palm of your hand from that DAMN frying pan while you continue to pretend you can get dinner on the table, juggle the baby and sooth Xman like clockwork? (Second degree burns and now waiting for blisters.)

  6. Are you really unprofessional in leaving the room to rush to a "meeting" as you ignore a 50-year-old "colleague" who still giggles incessantly and says awesome every 15 minutes.

  7. When someone tells you that you look way too young to it dishonest to pretend you are surprised at their surprise?

  8. I don't have anymore...guess I am not as dishonest as I thought.