Thursday, March 20, 2008

Remember when you had hormones?

I have added a NEW link beneath My Other Blogs link in the side column, to one of my favorite new bands. It is loud and raw and sexy and reminds me of my youth---(Yeah, Tabor, you wish).

If you are over 40 you should probably have a drink before listening to this band to mellow out and forget all that adult nonsense you do during the day that pays all those adult bills. I am related to a person who writes much of the music and lyrics...needless to say, any person Tabor would be related to is HOT! OOOUCH!!

I shamelessly promote this information to any talent scouts that you know. Everyone needs at least one rock star in the family.


  1. As I am in peri-menopause I took a listen and they brought out my inner rocker. I enjoyed them and hope they continue to rise. xxoo

  2. Tabor, you are going to LOVE retirement. I wish I had done it years ago (but of course it was difficult to renounce that lovely salary).

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