Saturday, September 29, 2018


I am on a cocktail of decongestants, antihistamines, antibiotics, etc. I take them all each day wondering what all this chemistry is doing to my body's chemical balance. How do I feel.  Pretty good, actually.   I am not facing serious illness right now, just a few nagging symptoms.   I am sleeping like a baby each evening even after having an afternoon nap...drugs are wonderful. (I am also having lots of dreams of me working on shopping or room decorating or trip planning...weird.)

No one knows why I have  this nagging cough and next week it may be an x-ray that I take.  I feel pressured because in two weeks I am  leaving for  Hawaii for a trip planned months ago with my son and DIL.  I lived in Hawaii for a year and look forward to seeing old friends and showing the state to my son and DIL.  We will also visit the big island, but with my health, not going near the volcano due to the  gases.

Now I will go an read your recent posts  using my foggy brain.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Not Florence, But a Flashback

Since Mage asked and others may have missed this post from so long ago...this is the story of when my house flooded

Thursday, September 13, 2018

And She Turns

Florence was met with great fanfare in our neighborhood and we did not ignore that. We moved the benches from the dock where the tides have been very high for days.

We tied the plastic benches to the deck supports and cleared the deck of all the other patio furniture... which may or may not get moved back out in the coming weeks.

Hubby has been working hard in the humidity to get the widowmaker that finally came down across the path to the dock cut into firewood for this winter even though cozy wood fires seem such a long way away.

I froze several gallon jugs of water and put them in the freezer in the event we lose electricity.  I also inventoried the small freezer and we have been trying to eat as much of that as we can.  While families are hungry in this country we have an embarrassing abundance of food tucked away.

Now we see that the storm is moving south of us. We will just get some bands of heavy rains. Our soils are very wet and we may lose a tree or two, but it looks like we dodged the bullet on this one.

Stay safe, ya'll!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Superfluous or Tabor Who?

Yes, I have been absent. No, not on travel. I have been lying in bed and coughing my head off for weeks. I did not get a cold, or fever, joint aches, sinus problems. I had loss of appetite, but seemed to be eating well!  No one seems to know (or care?) what is making me cough and cough. Finally, it did morph into a virus thing in the lungs and I sounded as if I had been smoking my whole life. I could not get in to see my doctor, but saw a backup and got some meds to ease symptoms. Needless to write, I was not getting much sleep. Then a few days ago it all started to heal maybe due to the meds and helping me sleep regularly and soundly. Very slowly, I might add, the symptoms diminished.

Yes, I have an appointment with an ENT specialist, but I am not optimistic or even pessimistic that he will find a solution even if he does cram some camera object down my throat.  I am just glad to be up and walking around and on the mend.  Going shopping today for food and supplies in the event we lose electricity with this impending storm.

Anyway...just if you missed me.  If you did not, that is OK also.  I am not the center of my own attention, even.

I did a photo painting this morning for the first time in days...taken back in mid-August.