Monday, December 30, 2013

You Make Me Better Than I Am

With all of life's struggles and challenges, there are always a few things in life one finds restorative.  A few things that give the hope and energy to take that step forward.  A few things that weave us back into the fabric of life.  I believe that not only do we have to keep an awareness of those moments when they touch us, but we have to savor and re-visit those moments.  Close your eyes and think of the last time you smiled inside and felt ever so briefly restored.

Was it when you finally got that angel to balance on the tree?
Was it when your unshaven son gave you a scratchy kiss.
Was it that gift bottle of wine that reminded you of your sunset bicycle ride so long ago?
Was it that bestfriend dog wet-kiss that surprised you after such a long day of errands?
Was it that holiday card from someone you have not seen in years and years?
Was it that sale on a sweater you have been eying for weeks?
Was it that toddler girl at the holiday party who stopped wide-eyed to look at the tree?
Was it the patience from your loved ones when you burned the first batch of cookies?
Was it finding Grandma's platter that had been stored way at the bottom of the drawer?
(Yes, these are not universal incidents...but you can certainly add your own.)

For me, many of these moments were savored reading the comments from my blog readers that I read and re-read this past week.  Talk about restorative!  You make me want to be a better writer/communicator/photographer than I am.  You remind me that the great fabric of life is both virtual and concrete.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Christmas (Holiday) Card to You.

As most of my readers know, I am not a religious person.  I could write that I am an agnostic, but I am not a person who spends energies being skeptical of hope.  That term does not fit my more positive outlook on spirituality, which is seeking the energy of peace and understanding. All religions appeal to me in small ways.  Therefore, I do celebrate Christmas, which is certainly all about hoping for peace.  The ornament on the left in the photo was made decades ago by my mother-in-law.  I treasure it as I treasured her and regret that I did not show her more of that love when she was with us.  This will be my last post for a while as I am traveling up north both for Christmas and to child-sit and then to go to my son's birthday party!!  My your new year be filled with PEACE and UNDERSTANDING.

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Take four minutes from your craziness today and go here.  I never get tired of these and they always bring a tear to my eye.  As many times as I have been to this museum I somehow missed this.. ;-)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

OK, So I Am Posting

I have been alone for several days while my better half is on travel to Florida where the temperature, according to him, is not much warmer.

When alone, I have time to wander, ponder, dilly and even dally if the cause strikes me, and blog, which was something I had put on hold for a short time.  I was playing Christmas music and wrapping the many gifts that I buy each year once again breaking my promise to buy less.  I had finished about 80% of the toys and clothes and decided to head to bed.  As I turned off lights last night and headed to bed, the view to my back deck glowed and I noticed the golden rain that had frosted the deck with honey.  It was just above freezing and that is why this water looks almost frozen.  I thought briefly how glad I was that I did not have to go out in this weather either to party or to work, but, it does look deceptively beautiful, when one is cozy and warm inside.

When I woke the next morning early before the sunrise, as I most often do, I looked outside and saw that the weather had sugar dusted the yard in snow.  I put on my camouflage outfit and headed out for a walk in the dark hoping to sneak up on the woodcock that lives in the ravine.  When I returned I notice that the motion lights were on and this gave me a little Christmas card scene.

I just had to share it right away, and who is more important to share such beauty with than my bloggers?

Keep warm!

Tuesday, December 03, 2013


Pushing the pause button this week. I am recovering from Thanksgiving, babysitting, and going forward with holiday shopping.  While I find blogging and reading blogs a compelling activity, I accept that I do have a life with some bigger demands.  I will certainly be away until the new year is underway.  If you are curious (Ha!) I will be organizing my 10,000 (actually my index says there are 43,689--but I cannot get my mind around THAT(!)) photos.  I will be cleaning out closets of old photographic prints and leftover linens.  I will be organizing that pile of books at the end of my bed table which seems to be so fecund and falling over onto the ground when I bump them in the dark on my way to the bathroom.  I hope to finally decide how to organize my overflowing pantry...and may give away some dishes and stuff and buy MORE containers.

Toodle-loo.  (Oh, in case you want to know WHAT I have been doing before this...)

Getting the rest of the wedding gifts back to my son and out of the guest bedroom.

Doing karate.

Dancing to Christmas music.

Assisting with homework.

Feeding the chickens that were guests over the weekend.


(Actually watching bowling.)

Dealing with despair.

Checking out the dinosaurs.

Marveling at butterflies.


And, at this time of year, there always there has to be a visit to Thomas. (Yes, this is Percy, but Thomas was also there.)

See you next year!