Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday Thoughts #10--Lies - Black and White

  1. Do you tell your husband that you threw out the year-old toaster with the broken plastic knobs and bought a brand new one that cost three times as much, or do you just hope he doesn't notice when he gets back from his travels? (In my self defense the old/new toaster buttons could only be turned with a fish hook remover thingy which no longer opens regardless of my extensive efforts and use of four letter words.)

  2. Do you tell your daughter that her foolish husband was throwing Xman up into the air and then came so close to missing catching him that the kid almost landed head first on the sidewalk and one came away crying and one came away almost crying? (Heart attack city my friends.)

  3. Should you feel guilty for blowing off the last two hours after your doctor's appointment when you should have been driving back to work instead of home? (Who am I kidding?)

  4. Is it a lie when you tell your doctor that you drink a glass of wine in the evening when it is usually closer to 2 or 3 glasses?

  5. Are you being foolish when you fail to tell your son-in-law that you have second degree burns on the palm of your hand from that DAMN frying pan while you continue to pretend you can get dinner on the table, juggle the baby and sooth Xman like clockwork? (Second degree burns and now waiting for blisters.)

  6. Are you really unprofessional in leaving the room to rush to a "meeting" as you ignore a 50-year-old "colleague" who still giggles incessantly and says awesome every 15 minutes.

  7. When someone tells you that you look way too young to it dishonest to pretend you are surprised at their surprise?

  8. I don't have anymore...guess I am not as dishonest as I thought.


  1. I am not sure if this is simply a rhetorical post or if we are supposed to comment in an honest way. I have never seen this meme.

    My comments are:
    1. Sounds like it kicked the toaster bucket! Good for you for replacing it! Is this your guilt for spending money or will he really care?
    2. I would tell HIM since everyone is grown. That needs to STOP!
    3. Go girl! You have worked so many more hours than you have blown off, right?
    4.I would always tell my doctor the truth about everything. S/he is prescribing medications which may react to things you eat and drink. I think it is more telling that you are not personally ok with the truth of this - does it concern you that you are having more than one glass of wine each night?
    5. I say always take care of YOU first. Then you are best able to give to others. Sounds painful. Any way you can get a new pan that has a protected handle - maybe make it a gift to your daughter?
    7.How about something like "Gosh, I love hearing that!" ;)
    8.Nope, you sound pretty honest to me! This list was good reading.

  2. #2 - YES, you tell your daughter and I hope that you told your son-in-law how dumb he was.

    #4 - only if your medications say not to drink while you are taking them.

    #5 - yes, unless you are trying to be superwoman.

    #6 - oh, hell no.I'd never go back to that.

  3. Sky, you are perceptive on all.

  4. Regarding #2 in all fairness to S-O-L he was pretty contrite and embarrassed and devastated. He told his son "We aren't going to do that anymore!" I haven't mentioned to my daughter because I am not going to be the tattle-tale mother-in-law and because she would only be stressed very much. I am thinking he will tell her when he gets the courage.

  5. You have a great head on your shoulders and know the best answers for you. Enjoyed the post and flowers are gorgeous! XXOO

  6. Jeesh! I couldn't even get lies like this on my radar, they're so common in my life. Congrats to you that you KNOW you're lying; most of the time I don't. And when I give it some thought, as this post makes me do, I realize that I lie to my doctor about how much/little I drink (and I mean alcohol and glasses of water per day), eat, and exercise. I'd lie about my weight too, except he's got a scale right there.

  7. I'm a little late, as usual.

    Number 1. No. He probably won't notice and if he does, chances are he won't ask how much. Blame it on the rising cost of inflation. If that doesn't work, tell him the damn thing caught fire and you had to replace it. Oops. That would be dishonest.

    Number 2. No. Sounds to me like he scared himself pretty much as it is. I doubt that he will repeat it.

    Number 3. Absolutely not. We work too hard as it is. We deserve a break.

    Number 4. No. Size of glass is relative. Put your wine into a bigger glass then it won't be a lie. ;)

    Number 5. Ouch. No, I don't think you are being foolish. More like you are trying to do too much and you don't like to complain. American Woman.

    Number 6. No. Unprofessional would be throwing your coffee on her before you leave the room.

    Number 7. No. Sounds like you were being polite. Polite is not dishonest.

  8. Interesting questions.
    You needed that new toaster so
    No Problem

    THe SOL has solved the almost accident so that is OK

    I agree with the "get a bigger wine glass" answer.

    Be good to yourself and order pizza instead of cooking. Oh, and buy daughter and SOL some hot pads.

    Take the time off, of course.

    The you look good for your age...just smile and say Thanks.

  9. Anonymous3:49 PM

    On #1, it's OK. He won't notice. I didn't...

    On #4, hey, it's only an estimate. Besides, I do the same thing. But I do like the "bigger glass" answer...

    It is interesting how some of us are concerned with being truthful and worry over shades of gray, while others think nothing of it and tell whatever crosses their lips at the moment...

    Interesting, but sad...

  10. I recently found your blog and find it so entertaining to read.

    AT any rate, I thought I should add you to my blogs reads. I hope you don't mind. IF so please let me know and I will remove you.


  11. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Hehe! You and I are so alike in many ways. Though I would have cursed up a storm after being burned. I hate hand injuries, even paper cuts. Gosh I hope you feel better!


  12. Anonymous11:09 PM

    What a fun list, except for the blister and the baby almost falling. I just got a new toaster too. The last one died in the electric surge fire, but I'm so happy to get rid of it because it was taped up at the bottom and the crumbs fell out. Now as bad as your fish hook thingie.

    I wish I could drink wine. I like it but it doesn't like me.

  13. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Boy, you are so honest! You'd never make me write any of these things in a post! ;)
    So many ways of not telling things or making so-called white lies!
    But wouldn't life be impossible without them?


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