Friday, August 23, 2019

Loose Ends

When I get depressed as I have been (see prior post) I tend to focus on chores and all those bits and pieces of life that I have put off.  I make lists and do stuff and then check each off as it is completed or removed, and I illude delude myself into thinking I am accomplishing so much before mortality intrudes.  I am like some smell driven animal as I explore all the corners of my life that are still buried under months of activity.

I made a few donations that I had been putting off. It gave me the illusion that I might be doing something right in this awfully wrong twisting world. One of my charities sent me an annual report...much better than a stupid calendar! I have a dozen of those 12 months graphics for next year already and I am of the age that I try not to look that far ahead! 

Some of the items on the list are first-world luxuries, such as checking the weather for the Month of October in that I can see if need to make a shopping trip for additions to the wardrobe.  

Others are a bit more tedious such as sorting and working on the four photos for our Master Gardener's Facebook page update, and re-scheduling volunteers for our final month of working with the art camp kids.

I will get the two grand-boys at the end of next week for about 4 days as a surprise change in schedule.  But hubby is already scheduling them for an overnight fishing trip, so not sure if I will squeeze in any passive time with them.

I splurged on two original works of art that I have wanted to have framed for years.  One is something my eldest grandson did while he was in grade school and I stole it from his mother's kitchen wall to frame as a surprise for her, and the other is something my son did when he was around thirteen or fourteen just before we had our tempest-tossed relationship. I will give it as a surprise holiday gift.  They both have a lot of emotion attached and would only be framed by someone who loved them.

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  1. Thoughtful post
    I'm still finding lists from years ago. They make me smile.

  2. Lists are important to me too. I can’t seem to live without them.

    Your two works of art are great. Such meaningful pieces. The best kind!

  3. I live by lists. Without them, I will put things off. I have done a lot of that lately.

  4. They are both wonderful fun. Why not keep them? Thoughtful of you if you don't.

    1. I am getting old and have too much stuff on walls already. I would like for them to have the memories.

  5. Every day I write on my planning calendar what I am supposed to do that day. I just spent an hour changing all of my auto pay details on accounts that are paid from a credit card because that credit card was hacked and we had to get a new number. Some days the jobs are more pleasant than that one. But now i can go check that one off!
    I spent bucks on commercial framing of a painting my then 12 year old granddaughter did. It was a gift for me, and she is proud to have it on my wall. I love what you did.

  6. Hoping your loved ones enjoy the surprise of the framed art. By giving, you are doing good in the world. If anything matters, then everything matters.

  7. I love your blog and your photo's. You live a rich life. The framed artwork will be wonderful gifts and are a great idea I may steal for myself.

  8. Dear Tabor...
    Your friend from India Mr. Vishwanath Mn ( of walk in the drizzle blog)... passed away yesterday on 23rd August 2019 owing to kidney cancer. Sorry i had to inform you here for i could not find your email ID.

  9. Good for you. I tend to retreat and do less under those circumstances.

  10. Depression is the pits, even if it kicks you into gear to get things done. My depression tends toward digging a hole, hiding in it and getting nothing done at all but I know it is an entirely unpleasant feeling no matter what.
    I have framed children and grandchildren art hanging in my condo -- nice idea to give it framed for the artists.

  11. I think the end of a season leads to depression and especially for anyone seasonally impacted by darker days. Nice you have your trip for which to look forward.

  12. I don't know why I have also been fighting the blues. But in any case I love those bits of art and glad you got them framed. :-)

  13. will only say
    love the two works of art.
    could be better at the edge of my woods.

  14. wow, I love them both.

    I will occasionally make a list of things that need doing but mostly not. all I need do is look around to see something that needs doing.

  15. Very sweet idea...framing the pictures. I like the "Picasso" but also especially the forest and hills picture. Andrea

  16. Sorry to hear that you get depressed. Its not any fun. You seem to have a lot going on in your life too. The pictures the boys did are excellent and will look great when framed.

  17. I find there's nothing more satisfying than checking off all the items on a list -- done, done, done! -- no matter how insignificant those items are in real life.


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