Thursday, January 05, 2017

Unwritten and Unstudied

The days are growing longer and have been since December 22. Our skies are so gray and gloomy and rainy that I barely notice unless I am sitting inside and a bit of sun finally breaks through at the time of sunset and I, with some surprise, notice that the sunset is still out there but a bit later.

For those who work nights or who, like my relative, work in a very dark office without windows and much light during the day and have had to actually order a full spectrum light to sit near their desk, I feel you deserve better.  I do not know how they can keep their spirits up. They go for much of their lives without sunlight.   It is SAD (Seasonal Adjustment Syndrome).

I do like that I can light the candles earlier in the evening and start a cozy fire in the fireplace and have an excuse for doing cozy rather than energetic things.

I have finished reading Upstream by Mary Oliver, Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, but could not finish the Book of Kells as it seem a bit of a slog.

I am now reading some light, silly romance whose title escapes me.  It takes place in the South and the heroine is overweight and insecure but has marvelous inner strength which she calls upon in her divorce. 

The Christmas Decorations are re-packed except for two little wooden houses I had forgotten.  I do think there is an unwritten rule of nature that you must always forget to put away a decoration or two!


  1. I haven't put our decorations away because I am enjoying the artificial greens with the little birds and the big pine cones. The snow has made it prettier and the darkness more tolerant. Today it is bitter cold but bright sunshine.

    I happily work in the living room with big windows on three sides of my desk; so outside is inside for me-- but I still have one of those lights-- when I remember to turn it on.

  2. I've been missing so much sleep I'm getting more daylight than the past, but am too tired to enjoy it. The lack of light really dies affect you. Then the people here turn off everything like the heat all night when it is my only free time, n I have to be quiet so not doing all I'm want to get done. Xmas stuff not away at all yet. That would wake folks. You are lucky to have time for all the reading.

  3. Love the framing of that sunset photo. :) Yes, last year I forgot one of the bears that sits under the tree. Here in the computer room, a SAD light lives turned on all winter. It's aimed at himself, but I am sure I get positive side effects from it too.

    The decorations come down this weekend. It is the last day of Christmas fact I should look up the name of the day. Right now it's raining, and we will leave the lights up until it is dryer out there. Hugs dear you....from an old lady who is still working books and only put on 3 pounds this overfed holiday.

  4. There's an awesome quality to skies and sunsets in building storms and in late fall, winter, I experience feeling. Never had the SAD effect even through the years living in a climate unlike where I live now. I lament too much sun at times and welcome its temporary retreat. Am sure it must be very difficult to live thru those periods when there's little sun for those who need more.

  5. The light is increasing. That always makes me feel better about the remaining winter months. I don't mind winter, in fact I love the cold and snow but I hate driving in either snow or freezing rain. That sunset shot is gorgeous!

  6. I did not put out any decorations this year so the ones I forgot to put up last year are out again. Our real cold is just beginning making me happy that I don't have to go out as much since I got rid of the chickens. Your photos are more Joy than SAD:-)

  7. Our decorations are safely away for another year - The Other Half has braved the ladder to get up to a rather high loft above the garage, thankfully with no mishaps. Now to think about the lightening skies and the hope of spring not being too far away. Blessings from Dalamory

  8. I'm experiencing the gloom of Seattle for a few days but will be heading down to Arizona soon. Do not like the cold at all!


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