Friday, December 09, 2016

Twisting the Truth or More Than a Hint

John aka AnvilCloud over at The AC is On  recently posted some lovely winter/holiday photos of the Christmas decorations in the yards in his neighborhood.  He has learned what fun you can have with manipulation of the original digital file.   His work reflects how warm and cozy you can make a photo that just needs a hint of tweaking.

I, on the other, never take a hint.  I am having fun totally smashing and crashing my way through the digital file and creating a totally different look.  When I read John's post I decided I should share with my readers the reckless fun I have working with my photography hobby.  And since I do not make my livelihood with this craft I can go whole out!

A month or more ago when we were slogging through the swamp to clean out the Wood Duck boxes and count the shells left behind, I took the time to photograph the lovely fall that surrounded us.  The original photo (maybe some sharpening) is below.

Now below the layered, lighting manipulated photo.  I am not crazy about the overexposed sky, but that was my mistake in taking the photo.

I sometimes give a standard photo more seasonal atmosphere.  The photo below was taken in my backyard when the small herd of deer moved through eating the abundance of acorns that had fallen.  She had turned away from eating because she heard the click of my camera and was trying to place where I was.  It may have sounded like the click of gun?

Now below is a bit of a winter holiday version which was cropped and lots of layers added.

Thanks for taking the time to read through all the way!


  1. May I use that last photo for my screen saver? It is a masterpiece. Love your photographs and love when you enhance them.

    1. Grannie, feel free to use on your PC.

  2. That last one looks like an oil painting. Very beautiful.

  3. I love the trees. That's one of your very best. Me? I need to go to school and learn how to use my photoshop. I can do a lot with it, but I don't know how to use layers.

  4. The last photo is awesome.
    I really want to learn how to use my photo shop.

  5. That last photo interestingly evolved into appearing like a painting.

  6. I like what you did with the second shot.

  7. I thought the first shot looked dull and that the photoshopped shot was definitely superior. And the deer shot is a fine example of how to take a meh photo and make it a great photo!
    I really like these.

  8. so glad to hear from you. Since I started writing my books, I have not been blogging as much. How are you?

  9. I think you do a fine job of playing creatively with your photos.


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