Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Never Too Old for a Surprise

We headed out to my daughter's house last Friday to meet up with family to watch my granddaughter in her school play.  I was told to bring nice clothes and since the first polar vortex came through, I knew I had to bring warm clothes.  Now when you are heading to an elementary school play and told to dress may begin to get suspicious.

We arrived at my daughters to be greeted by the two grandson's who said that mom and granddaughter had left for the play early and that dad was flying in from Boston later in the evening.  OK.  There was some tension in the house and it wasn't until I moved into the kitchen to drop off my bags that I saw my sister (who lives in Colorado) and her husband taking phone photos of the surprise on my face!

The elementary school play "Dr. Dolittle" was fun and my granddaughter did very well in her minimal part.

The bottom line is that after the Friday play, we caught an early train on Saturday and spent an overnight "doing" New York City.  I had not been there in years and it was a wonderful early birthday surprise.  My son and his wife met us downtown after we checked in as they had to take the train up later that same day.  This was a pre-birthday celebration for me as I enter my 7th decade.

Penn Station
The eight of us had a wonderful and busy afternoon grabbing lunch,  seeing the Tower Memorial and One World Observatory.

The day was cold but sunny.  So glad I brought my small camera not knowing how important it would be!

Then that evening a nice dinner at a restaurant called Patsy's where my DIL had taken some clients a few weeks before.  It is an Italian restaurant that Frank Sinatra made famous years ago.  Celebrities sometimes eat here, but I was having so much fun I never looked beyond my table.  I took the pre-theater dinner choices.

Then we went on to Jacob's Theater on Broadway in Midtown to see "The Color Purple", which was marvelous.  The acoustics in high end theaters are amazing.  The play has gotten only great reviews and it was ending in a few weeks yet the performance was so energetic and moving, one would never know that.  The photo is poor due to the limits of my brain and camera after a day of touring New York.

I usually do not like surprises, but I did like this one!  We all headed back on Sunday morning and my sister and her husband came back with us to stay a few more days, which I consider a nice lagniappe.


  1. Yes, sometimes surprises can give magic. Nothing at all wrong with this one. Your face positively glows with happiness. Happy birthday dear blogging friend.

  2. So happy for you
    as I read your words
    I was smiling
    My 79's were full and exciting
    80' a little different
    but happy and thankful..

  3. What a great birthday surprise. I was just saying that I might like to go to New York for Christmas next year and see the window displays and Christmas show at Radio City Hall.

  4. Fantastic! And you look mahhvalous, dahling!

  5. What a totally awesome present you got! Congrats n Happy Birthday!
    Lucky you!

  6. Lovely surprise from your family, you are indeed fortunate - Happy Birthday, enjoy!

  7. What a wonderful surprise! WOW! That sounds like perfection!
    Happy Birthday!!!!

  8. You are clearly loved. Happy birthday.

  9. What a wonderful surprise birthday treat for you. It looks like you had loads of fun even if a bit cold.

  10. Happy Birthday!
    A treat for all treats, your gift is amazing.

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  12. Sound like a lovely birthday surprise!

  13. Wow - lucky girl! Happy Birthday and I'm glad you had a wonderful time!!

  14. Wonderful photos and good to be able to share in your time in the big smoke - I would never expect to get there. I too have had problems getting updates, but of course blogs are changing. Quite a few people are posting less, and others like me struggle with what to focus on. Anyway, have a special and blessed Christmas and a Guid New Year. (Scottish spelling!) Freda from dalamory


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