Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I Have Not Died, Yet!

Feeling a little upside down.

There is nothing so disappointing as becoming invisible and not knowing it!  People ignore your ideas and do not answer your questions.  It seems somehow changes to my blog have made me disappear off some (most?) (all?) of my reader's blog rolls.  I have tried working on the settings for my comments and for the home page but when I  publish a new post a number of my regulars have told me they do not see the update on their blogroll!  Some said they thought I had stopped posting!!

This happened to a blogger I used to read and her updates never made it up the list.  After the years she had passed on quietly and I still miss her.

I added my URL for both my blogs to my blogroll here and the same thing happens in that it never updates.  If anyone has any ideas I would be greatly appreciative.  My brief blog and Google searches have not brought insight.


  1. Do you have an old browser? Might be the problem. And yes, I have an old browser and love it! Don't want to update to the newest one. Or maybe you have the newest and good old blogger runs on the old system? Sorry, I don't really know as I haven't updated my blog.
    Hope you get things fixed soon!

  2. They have a help button, but I have never gotten help through it. Restart your computer? G says it has to be on your end. Have you got a computer guru you can call. According to your blog archive, you have only posted five times in December. It has to be a setting. Hugs from Mage

  3. Is this just on blogger? I don't know anything about updates.

  4. An old friend did his tree upside down-style one year... quite the decorating challenge.

  5. I wish I had a blog list that showed update! I just go my intuition of when to visit. Do you link your posts to Facebook? Doing that helps with readership for me. I love that upside down tree. My friends at a local tavern used to have huge Christmas trees in the dining room. One year they put one on the roof right where the big indoor tree was, making it look like it went through the roof!

  6. Sorry I've had zero time to deal with the changes here- I have been getting way less traffic too! Luckily I never have used the reader- that seems to be the issue.

    Have a good Holiday!

  7. Typically, I go to the right of the screen under, Blogs I Follow, and just click on your site name. When I did this, you're right in that I didn't see this post in the reader list. But because I haven't been blogging much this year, I clicked on your site name instead of the post name, and here I landed. Thankfully. I am struggling to get back to writing and reading blogs, but I so appreciate knowing that my blog friend are still around for me to visit - even if infrequently. I'm glad you haven't died. :) Good luck with the fix.

  8. Wish I could be of help, but I haven't a clue!
    My blog has not been moving blogs in my list up as much as it used to, I don't know why that is.
    Hope you get some answers, it is frustrating when we take the time to post and no one shows up to read and comment.
    Merry Christmas!


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