Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Thursday Thirteen: Signs of the Time

It is truly autumn and I have a list to prove it. (I almost did not post this because for some reason my blogs have become so boring that NO ONE comments anymore and that ---and the election results---took away my motivation.  My stats show that many seem to visit and that is fine, but could you at least say "Hi."?)
  1. "They" are talking of a first frost in the coming week.  Mornings are into the low 50's F so it seems too early for Jack to visit.
  2. Bird feeders are out and filled for participation in the Cornell Feeder Project.  This will be my seventh year in this citizen science program with over 80 counts submitted.
  3. I am baking things with pumpkin in them.
  4. I am transplanting iris that have taken over certain areas.  I am pruning most perennials.
  5. The sugar maple is well into becoming brilliant red and it is well into losing its leaves.  This photo was taken days ago.

6.  I have been collecting kindling from all the trash that trees drop after every storm.  Hubby has been splitting wood.

7.  The three citrus trees are inside in the kitchen corner and under new lights pretending to be sun.  See prior post.
8.  Even with daylight savings time changes I still get up in the dark and go to bed in the dark.
9.  If the weather breaks 60F the sulphur butterflies appear on the pineapple sage.  I wonder where they go when the weather is cold.
10.  Holiday season means that most meetings have come to an end...wonderfully!
11.  I am so addicted to cosmos and will so miss them in the coming weeks.

12.  My tutoring project has been ended, maybe with mutual consent and maybe I will write a post on that someday when I have perspective.
13.  The bluebirds that were out and about elsewhere all summer have returned to my back yard and that has brought me some peace. your turn.


  1. Oh, I love those little bluebirds. My friend on the east coast sees them occasionally, but we have none here in Southern Calif.

  2. orange cosmos and bluebirds! What could be better. I've got to get busy collecting kindling. Been busy trying to keep a bear away from our chickens. We lost 3 in a couple of weeks. I think we'll call the coop Fort Knox from now on.

  3. Like you, get up in the dark and go to bed in the dark :) now but during other times of year I go to bed and it is still light...
    38 this morning and must put water out for my bluebirds.
    Take care....

  4. Beautiful photographs, and interesting words.
    I'm glad I found you blog this morning. Thirteen signs of the time: 1-12 names for the piles of stuff of summer put away and winter get out, 13. Autumn fabric leaves in every room. :)

  5. Wonderful pictures , wish we had your kind of fall here in Texas today!

  6. Hi, Well I envy all your colourful birds and butterflies, here in North Yorkshire our palette of colours is Autumn golds, ruined by rain and now snow.. But I still love all our English birds even if they are a dull brown........

  7. Hi...Yup, I've been dealing with that difficult survey/quiz thingy, and saving all of October's photos to my backup HD. I got the laundry done, and NOW I will make the bed and a capreze salad.
    There...will that do. I've been loving your notes. Love the pictures here. We are roasting in the desert winds. Hope tomorrow will be cooler.

  8. Thats a great autumn list and photos. We have summer temps now and we had to turn on the aircon already. I get up in the light all year thank goodness. I don't like dark or cold.

  9. Made the first pumpkin dessert of the season. I always wonder why I don't make any once Spring arrives. Fall here is not colorful so we usually travel to visit beautiful trees. But Fall is fickle and the timing changes from year to year, this year's trip to the mountains was a bit early but still beautiful.

  10. Sorry Tabor, I am one of those who has not commented for a while. I simply put blogging on the back burner until such time as I felt moved to get back out there - out here. Then Trump happens and now Leonard Cohen. It’s enough to send me back to darkness.

    A very typical autumn list with exceptionally pretty pictures. How can one stay depressed when there is so much colour in nature.
    The leaves are more or less off now, very occasionally there is a bright red or yellow leaf on the brink of tumbling to earth and the beech nuts fall
    with an audible clunk. Time to change gear.

  11. Probably blog traffic across the board has slowed recently. I notably don't get as many comments either, tho stats shows visits going strong. my ESR blog is nearing the 100k views mark. I get cut-off before commenting on someone's blog almost every week- Yay for bonus time visiting at Erica's house this week-end. I will catch-up n catch-up everywhere-

    Sulphur Butterfly pic is awesome! Never saw one before- No Bluebirds here either. We haven't even been feeding birds here- Not really cold yet until this week-end they say, but have seen frosty car windshields nights on the way home. Colder here in the Berkshires than near the ocean too.

  12. Tabor, I just poured my heart and soul ad vitriol out here, TWICE, and somehow this laptop has decided to monitor what I express and delete it --- TWICE. :/ :( Will try again later. Suffice it to say that my household has black draped over the mirrors, over the door, you name it LOL. Seriously, it has been an exhausting year and this week most of all. I will return at a later time to bless you with the in-depth version of my disgust and rage and venom that are running rampant in my heart, mind and soul right now. Oh, and you have a seriously beautiful home---can I come live with you??? ;D

  13. See, twelve comments. We love ya.
    Now...what is that pink container that the faggots are in? Please.

  14. What beauty you are surrounded with. Our trees haven't turned as much color as your maple, I assume because it hasn't gotten cold enough at night. The bluebirds haven't returned from their summer place, but the geese have been flying over almost non stop.
    Thanks for the great photos.
    Oh, what is the Cornell Feeder Project? I've had to quit filling my feeders for a while, rats where taking over.

  15. What GORGEOUS photos!!!!! The first and last are my favorites. There is nothing cheerier than birds in a birdbath. :)

    I have been avoiding my computer since all the election madness. I can't even.

  16. Found you through Mage's page. I've lost connection with so many bloggers as I spend time in PSP groups and some in FB. I closed my big old journal and blog at, Can't wait to get to know you. Your pictures are beautiful so I best scoot to your profile to find who/where info. :-)


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