Monday, November 07, 2016

I Was Never Good at Math But I Know When Things Do Not Add UP!

I had family down for an overnight and was so exhausted when they left on Sunday morning that I did not move for the rest of the day.  I just did bill paying and TV watching.  Then this morning I changed the sheets in one of the guest bedrooms and washed all the linens and towels.  Then I noticed that the sunlight is brilliant today.  It is that golden angle of the sun that photographers usually find only in the late dawn or early sunset hours most of the year.

Oddly even something as lovely as this lighting reminded me I needed to wash the windows.  I got that done on the first floor on three sides of the house and feel better.  The rest of the windows may never be cleaned before spring.  As you can see, I have a LOT of windows.  You can also see we have moved in the three citrus trees.

I finished the laundry and paid some more bills.  While going through the mail I got a thick envelope from my Long Term Care policy.  It is never good when you get a thick envelope of 5 pages written in 10 point font.  I scan the legalize and find that my long term care insurance will go up 15% this year...and no, it is impossible to blame this on the ACA.

"The premium increase is being implemented in accordance with the laws and regulations of the state (commonwealth or district) in which your policy was issued for delivery.  The premium increase is not based upon a change in your age, health, claims history or any other individual characteristic.  Our decision to increase premiums is primarily based upon the fact that the expected claims over the life of your policy form are significantly higher today than we originally anticipated when your policy form was priced.  Our decision to increase premiums was not based upon the current economic environment."

Underlining is mine.  In other words these guys get multi-million dollar salaries and they cannot predict with any success the health costs when there is "no inflation" for years and no increase in investment interest for years.  This paragraph is so carefully crafted by their lawyers, since individual owners changes in health, etc. are not allowable for premium increases, that I am not actually sure what it says.  What the hell is the increase based on??

Well, I will make a nice cup of tea and play with my photos this afternoon and hope I do not need to enter a care facility any time soon.


  1. Weary after family leaves and clean up time
    this one very accustomed to.
    Past weekend one daughter's birthday lunch
    she offered to go out. I no longer like going out
    and would rather cook in this cottage.
    Same will happen for Thanksgiving and Christmas
    and now starting the 80's I do and am exhausted for days after the clean up.
    You are young :) too young for this :)
    Forgive me
    just joking. On the long term insurance
    I have not done this. Know many who have had this and always a problem collecting.
    Just hoping and praying I go quick :)

  2. They will be sure to pass on all cost to the consumers n make you pay more despite "the premium will never increase" original language. When my life policy matured it has gone up yearly because now the original contract no longer applies...


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