Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Game Is Rigged

One of the fanciest hunting huts I have ever seen.  Even had some tools inside but no cup holders.

Oddly there was not a crow, squirrel or other corn eating life form in sight!


  1. In the past some on this property were torn down.
    I like to think of these 60 acres as a retreat for the animals
    Saddens me when I hear gun shots.
    Fields in the evening are filled with dear
    love to see them...
    If I won the lottery - and do not play :)
    I would put a high cyclone fence surrounding my woods.

  2. meant Deer
    should reread comments I post :)

  3. Fascinating. I would think the deer would see the black openings.

  4. You could go inside and hide (!) away from the nasty world. In this hide. No need to shoot anything, of course, maybe just watching wildlife.
    The box could almost be a loo at the bottom of the garden, except the holes are too low down the sides.

  5. At least there were no bears....! a Pretty thing tho- maybe too bright???

  6. Very fancy, but doesn't quite blend in...

  7. On the grouse moors of Yorkshire there are grouse butts for shooting the poor birds, and then of course the million and one pheasants that are bred for the sole purpose of shooting. Must say it is a pretty hunting lodge, though it could also be a viewing hut.

  8. Probably smells fishy (or human-y) to the wildlife...

  9. I can't make out what the hut is decorated with. And it must be too late because I read that the corn was eating life rather than those who eat corn not in sight!

  10. Gosh, I thought at first it was a hide. Most of the guns for hunting in Scotland are on the mountains and estates.


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