Saturday, April 02, 2016

Other People's Projects

Yesterday I was upstairs blogging peacefully for the first time in some days while hubby and house guest (in his early 80's) are in the basement doing prep work for a big trip.

Hubby: "We have to keep all the lithium batteries in our carry-ons.  I bought some cheap towels to wrap the big C-clamps and wrenches together."

Guest and fellow traveler:  "No, you bought some large washcloths!"

Me: "How is it going down there?  Do you need help?"

Hubby:  "Nope, we are getting there.  Just trying to balance the 50 pounds between the two suitcases. At least we are not over 100 pounds."  (They later learn they have $70.00 overage in weight.)  There are valid reasons for this weight problem and it could not be helped, unfortunately.

Someone from the basement..."I don't want you to do this now.  DON'T do it!"  Followed by grunting and shuffling sounds and someone dragging something upstairs.

...They finally left early this morning and I am exhausted as the scenario above is just a small portion of what has been going on the last three days.  Last week hubby learned a number of items (heavy tools) had been stolen from the locked container overseas and he had to rush out and buy them.  To my own credit I had warned him years ago when this plan was in its infancy stages that theft was going to be an issue on this South Pacific isle if he insisted on trying to do this project.

Our guest, who will be keeping him company, has traveled much and accomplished much and wishes to share much of his over 8 decades of life as he follows me from room to room during the three days he stayed with us making the bathroom the last resort for my peace of mind.  At least he was a good eater and ate everything I put in front of him!

Well they are off.  I now will try hard not to worry about hubby diving in the open ocean trying to set up hardware!  I will peruse the lengthy list of stuff he wants done while he is gone.  (Note to husbands:  Go on a long trip and list all the things that you do for your wife and home which she has to now do, and she will certainly appreciate you when you are home!)

Today is rainy and other than a quick spreading of lawn seed from the tiny bag left in the garage and going to purchase another large bag of lawn seed this morning, I will most likely take the rest of the day off and just be a slug.  The beauty of not moving, not thinking, not doing chores, not straightening up (the luxury of living like The Donald.)

A last minute hint that the 80-something might also be diving did concern me.  I will not tell his wife as she currently is nursing her son from a heart attack and installation of a pacemaker as well as healing from a fall herself and needs no more stress in her life.  She also will be getting a houseguest on Monday, hoping so much this mean help for her and not more work.

When it rains, it pours....

The happy boys.


  1. Sounds like everybody has almost enough to do.

  2. Such an interesting post about normal things. Well done. Enjoy the alone time!

  3. I must have missed some [posts, what are they up to?

    1. Because I block anonymously I have been somewhat cryptic about this.

  4. Nice art work!

    The lucky to get out guys!

    Enjoy that quiet time! Lucky you too- Remember that I never get help with anything! But I like taking the trash out -

  5. Hopefully you can relax and unwind when they're gone.

  6. Even with the work you are left to do, i hope you get some rest! As for their work, may it be done quickly and well.

  7. We kind of have to fill in the blanks here, but I hope all goes well for the guys off on their adventure, and for the wives left behind to keep the home fires burning, or something like that. At least you won't have to listen to an old man's stories for a while.

  8. Yikes! My husband was gone for a few days on business, too. I took it easy.
    You really need to learn to be lazy and incompetent, Tabor! I could give you lessons!
    When I was having breakfast yesterday at a local joint, blissfully on my own, I kibitzed on a couple of guys who were planning a deep-sea diving expedition. I believe they were hoping to get photos they could sell; I guess they were professional photographers.

  9. well, I hope whatever it is they are doing is successful. as for you, I wouldn't take that list too seriously and I recommend that you putz the days away.

  10. What confusions dreams make. If he made the list, perhaps he should do the list. Personally I am grateful that G is driving me out to the Quilt shop today, but I could take a bus. It's my dream, not his.


    PS: Note I am here on my Sunday first stop.

  11. What an adventure they are on! Fortunately you will get to find out all about it later, while you get ready and spend your time mostly resting, I hope. :-)

  12. Are you sure the two of you are not involved in espionage?

  13. Are you sure the two of you are not involved in espionage?

  14. I hope they have a great time and come back with fabulous memories to share with you.


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