Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Flinging

Life was so peaceful just a few days ago!

I am never going to catch up it seems.  I have almost completely given up on my exercise routine because there are so many interruptions the next few weeks.

There is a medium-sized sink hole under our garage slab, about 5 feet by 3 feet or so.  Won't really know until the driveway brick is brought up, the cracked concrete apron removed and the guys go  in and take a look.  At first we thought it was a foundation issue but garage walls are stable.  We discovered this late last fall and now finally getting the engineers report and schedule for the guys to come in an work on it in more suitable weather.  It means everything against the garage wall gets moved to the center of the garage ... or out?  It means hubby will be away and I have to handle this all!  It means thousands of dollars nicked from our budget.  Photos in the future if you wish.

Hubby informed me this past week that we are having company on  Wednesday through Saturday before they both leave for the South Pacific.  I  had been cleaning out foods, since it was only going to be me for most of April, but now I have to gear up  for at least three days of food to feed two  hungry men.  I am not going crazy and probably will buy some frozen lasagna and other pre-made stuff to  carry me through until their departure.

I have not gotten one word from the County Extension person  who wanted the presentation to the  Council members.  I will have to email him for more specifics, but since the short presentation (8 minutes) is the same day and 45 minutes away from my tutoring class I really want to make sure everything is copacetic (always wanted to use that word in  a post).  He is a rather strange man who always seems to be fearful of  women...just my take on this.

Finally, I did get the entire first floor vacuumed, floors mopped and throw rugs washed.   I was even able to run wet rags along some of the baseboards where spiders tuck under the woodwork.  Winter bedding washed and put away and summer bedding out.  Fireplace is cleaned and fire tools taken to basement.  I have no energy to wash all the windows this spring as in past.  Those double glazed frames are just too heavy.  I am looking into hiring a service, if the budget allows.

Our three citrus trees have been moved out to the deck.  We have predictions for nights in the mid to low 30's F, but not any freezing, so I think we are safe.  Two of the citrus have blooms on them which means a second harvest!  Deck is cleaned and deck furniture washed.  Birds are not  happy that I have reduced the feeders, but it is time for them to start looking for bugs and  building nests anyway.  While we were gone as bird seed dwindled an angry squirrel got into the feeder with the cage for smaller birds and ate out the plastic center core!  It now sits in the garage looking forlorn.

I am exhausted, but there are still time-sensitive items on my list.  If you can send some minions that are coordinated, I will be most appreciative.


  1. Whew! That is quite the list of tasks. Wore me out just reading about it, Tabor. Unfortunately I have no minions to send you. :-)

  2. The sink hole sounds terrible. I hope for a good outcome on all fronts.

  3. on the frozen food list, Stouffer's lasagna shocked me with how good it was. I haven't tried any of the rest of the items but that one won a return purchase from us. It gave us two meals too.

  4. I am tired just reading this. I guess the insurance company has a "Sink-hole loop-hole" why do we even buy insurance?

  5. I need to keep my minions for my own projects, so can't share them with you. The sink hole issue sounds awful. We had to spend a boat-load of money once on a basement repair.l

  6. Your problem is that you don't know how to be lazy. Have your guests take you out to eat at least once. I'm really sorry to hear that you are faced with a budget busting home repair bill.

  7. Understand all you share
    just take care of you
    and hopefully house guests
    will treat you to a meal.
    Sink hole
    how horrible
    have a lot going on
    but not this..

  8. The minions I'd send would be even less coordinated than me, unfortunately.

  9. How i wish i could be close enough to help!

  10. Glad you haven't lost anything or anybody in your sink hole as I've heard of in some stories. I, too, had to rest a bit after reading about all you're doing. One recent year squirrels unexpectedly decimated bird feeders with some plastic innards that I'd enjoyed using for several years. Subsequently, I purchased feeders that are all metal but need to hang them. So far the squirrels haven't found the sock I hung for the finches in a different part of the yard.

  11. Frozen lasagna can be a lifesaver, provided that you remember to cook it before serving. At least I find that to be the case.

  12. And people tell me I'm busy! If you ever figure out how to clone yourself, let me know.

  13. I would come help if I lived closer. :)
    Here, we are getting ready to tent. Food and us out. We have a studio on the beach for five days. I will love all but the expense. No matter the cost, we have household help that comes in once every two weeks. In the beginning, I refused to do it all...he moved me from 400 sq ft to 3500. Now I don't have the strength to do it all. If he can go play in the ocean, you can get someone to help with the house. So there.

  14. You're doing so much!

    I'm scared silly of your sink-hole, remembering the guy in FL who died getting sucked down while sleeping in his bed- Those things can be very deep.

    I'm endlessly back-logged myself- tell me when you're caught up- I bet I'll never be-

  15. I do check you first in the mornings...but, you don't always post something. :)

  16. Sink hole?! Reminds me of the unfortunate incidents in FL, I believe, where whole houses cave in.
    I am off of my cleaning routine that was going very well. Allergies hit me and have zapped my energy (for cleaning and exercise).
    It's always something... as they say. Yesterday, I had the thought that my house will always require something! And then I thought about a relative who moved into a retirement community in Rock Creek Park, that takes you from independent living to assisted living to nursing necessities. She's never been so happy! :)
    Best of luck with the list and with the house quests.
    (Good response to my blog post. Thanks!)

  17. You'll getter done, one way or another. My lists are long, I have decided to reorganize them into: now, later, and never happening...


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