Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Food, Glorious Food!

 Only one more post after this on the cruise to make sure I covered a bunch of odds and ends as I promised some readers I would do and then back to my mundane thoughts about life!  I know that my blog readers cannot wait!

Oddly enough I never took photos of the meals while I was eating on this trip.  I totally forget about my camera when food is put in front of me! Those people who take pictures of their breakfast, lunch and dinner need therapy.  Also much of our food was eaten on the boat ship so I usually did not have a camera with me, although it might have been useful in remembering the many names of my mates.  Anyway, just scroll and drool at all the other places and things to eat:

German beer garden.  FRESH PRETZELS!

Really good beer...not too heavy.

Yellow beans that look like Italian flat green beans.

Love the low calorie foods that were found everywhere!

Exotic mushrooms.

Holy paprika and I did bring some home along with Gingerbread!


  1. No calories when you are just looking!

  2. Just stunning stuff. Rows of beautiful foods, color coordinated and tantalizingly gorgeous. :) This is the last. Oh no. Aren't we going to be held up by acres of passing greenery or miles of lovely skies?


  3. I'd be big as a house if I indulged in everything that looks yummy! I'd better stick to the veggies (and maybe 1 dessert)!

  4. I'll take the dessert counter! Just not the calorie counter.

  5. It all looks fabulous. It never pays to worry about calories when you go to places like this.

  6. What fabulous looking food! Eatem up yum!

  7. "People who take pictures of their breakfast, lunch and dinner need therapy" - Love that line!

    That is some line up of food. Very interesting. I am a bit amazed at how clean the display of open foods were.

  8. Just leave me with the cheesecake while you go everywhere else:)

  9. I'm not a beer drinker but those pastries really got to me!

  10. See that photo with the blue and grey pitcher? I have two of them that German house guests gave us.
    That tour looks like so much fun, and the food...

  11. The food is one of the best things about travel -- all the glorious new tastes!

  12. My daughter went to Spain and France this past summer and took beautiful photos of colorful food, too.

    Are the markets here as varied and attractive. I've got to pay more attention.


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