Thursday, July 25, 2013

Miscellaneous Opposites That Meet When World's Collide

(I could not come up with a complete Thursday 13...for some reason this goal always eludes me.  If you want to see how an expert plays the game check out Colleen's  posts on Thursday 13 Days!)

That cute little ten-year-old ring bearer in the gray suit in those earlier wedding pictures that I posteed looks so precious and gentlemanly, doesn't he?  He walks like a careful dancer across the grass holding the hand of his baby brother.  At 10:00 P.M., when his family was leaving after the wedding celebration, the same young man left the front door of the country club, took a weird sharp left skip down the driveway and proceeded to fall to the ground and tear open a nice hole at the knee of this $75.00 suit and cut himself a nice knee wound as well.  So this is the way that one gets wear and tear out of a new suit!  The same new suit was used for his first communion just the month before, so I guess it got some use before he outgrew it.

My friend, who is on my landscape committee, has some concerning health problems, one of which is migraine headaches.  She has been taking botox injections in the forehead which have reduced the pain substantially.  BUT she mentioned that she feels weird because she cannot raise her eyebrows even though she thinks that she is trying to convey an expression.  We also cannot tell if she is in a good or bad mood anymore!

On the evening of the 21st and the early morning of the 22nd of this month, my husband and son passed on planes in the night as they both crossed the Pacific Ocean going in opposite directions.  One on his way back from a honeymoon vacation and one on his way to work on a project.

I am allergic to cats and even looking at them can make my eyes itch.  Yet, I have decorated my powder room in cat art.  (I am sure I have posted this information before...bear with me!)

My sage was dying from too much rain and it started to recover and now it seems to be dying from too little rain and too much sun!  I though herbs were easy to grow.

I am alone for 10 days while hubby is on travel.  I wish I could say I was alone.  I have a lawn keeper that I must meet with tomorrow, I have a meeting the day after that with my volunteer group, I have another meeting two days later that I am covering for my husband where I have to help teach gardening to children.  Others days are FILLED with so many errands and activities!  I was actually viewing this as a vacation time not having to cook.   So naive!

It is so charming watching the little goldfinch balance so delicately on the sunflower heads in my garden.  His acrobatic poise and gentle pull on each little seed is fun to watch and then he mushes up the seeds like the hungry bird he is.  It is not so cute when the annoying furry chunky squirrel climbs the sunflower stem and proceeds to snap the stem with his fat belly bending the whole plant to the ground while he goes for the entire head mushes it up permanently!  (A photo post on my other blog will document this tragedy.)

I purchased a container of half and half the other day.  When I was younger half and half meant half milk and half cream, but the label said it was 'fat free'!  I did not realize I had purchased this until I got home because it looked like the regular container of half and half.  Well, it is half skim milk and corn syrup and thickening agents...meaning it may still thicken your waist and has nothing to do with cream although it tastes almost the same. It is opposite of what I wanted to purchase and I hate the way marketers lie to us.

I have grown more addicted to all those British mysteries on TV these days.  Please read the following in a nice British accent.  "Why you might ask do I add this to my list.  I dare say, they do pass the time for one such as I on a warm summer night and the opposites that they bring to the evening are lovely cottages with bunches of pastel flowers hanging over rustic stone walls followed by entry into a room with a well-stocked library and a prone body usually covered in crimson blood."

And my final news that I discovered this week is that space Scientists have provided a photograph of the tiny earth next to Saturn's rings from that distant telescope at a fun new angle from so many miles away.  Our planet is just a spark of light in the photo.  You and I are so small in the grand scheme of things.  But, for additional perspective, science also has discovered a new virus that is 1,000 times larger than any virus known to man and 80% of its DNA is brand new to us.  Science keeps looking inward and outward and finds many new miracles.

(only 10...can you come up with the rest?)


  1. There is NO way you mentioned one of your powder rooms was decorated in cat art. I would have remembered that!

    I was speaking with somebody about Botox (fortunately I have never been tempted) and they said it is botulism. I said "No way!"

    I looked it up. Sheesh!

  2. Thursday Ten...good enough for summertime thinking.

  3. so when you look at the cat art does it make you itch? that would be rather masocistic...ha. ouch on the skipping boy...that one i will chalk up to boys will be boys...ha...cause that always happens...wonder if they waved as their planes passed?

  4. I had a migraine yesterday. Mine come from neck pressure. Things like moving irrigation pipe contribute. Chiropractors are my solution if I get too many but short term I do some exercises to loosen up the neck. I know not all come from the same reason but I wouldn't do botox at any price given the uncertainty of it long term. My chiropractor gave me one exercise which he said helps and it's basically extending your lower jaw over your upper, making what amounts to a face and holding before releasing; then doing it ten times. It does help to loosen up the neck and jaw.

  5. Even cat lovers can be allergic to them. Liking the animal and being able to actually be around them can be two different things.

    As for herbs being easy to grow, if i had some nice pots of herbs over my window sill, it would be called death row because i could easily off them all.

    No matter how many meetings and errands you have, i do hope you get some down time over the next ten days.

  6. Wonder if the suit pants could be salvaged as shorts?
    I used to have cats....but 2 years ago, 2 of them became ill and one was put down due to age. Hoping when I get another one or two, my allergies don't get worse.

  7. I wish I possessed a fine British accent but what comes out of my mouth sounds like Eliza Doolittle in a blender.

  8. Think I would be making the pants into walking shorts for the little guy. They have such cool bandaides now, that sometimes the grans & I wear them just because.
    My youngest grand has CP and went thru a series of Botox to help her walk. A reverse reaction than one would think.
    Not a cat fan here. Dogs yes!
    Hope you get some down time!!!

  9. Might as well have pictures of cats if you can't have the real thing. Maybe it is some kind of immersion therapy.

    You are great at TT. All good reading. Almost there!

    I'm addicted to House right now.

  10. The world keeps spinning and keeps us spinning, doesn't it!

  11. I hope you weren't planning on teaching the children how to grow Sage!
    Iut may not be 13 but it was interesting and your lkinbks led me all over the place - first to Colleen then to Saturn - I'm used to being taken round the world but this was even further than usual. Thank you.

  12. Thursday Ten may be a new trend...

    I like the idea of your son and husband passing in the night sky; very science fiction-y in a way.

    Hope you find plenty of alone moments in your time alone!

  13. There's a sweetness to knowing your son and hubby passed one another over the ocean.

    And if you decorated your powder room with cats, you must love the beasties. It's a shame that you're allergic.

    Corn syrup.. yuck. That should not be allowed.. at least not under a trusted description as half and half.

    I think that you did great. Maybe you were just two days late.. this is a perfect Tuesday Ten.

  14. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Whew - I have trouble coming up with 5 on Fridays! I'm interested in the botox injections, husband and daughter both get sidetracked with migraines. I might have to steer them to look into this!
    I was hooked on British comedies a few years ago, but now I have no idea when they come on, thank goodness.

  15. Just delightful. Love to read ab out your head as it thinks.

  16. Will there ever be a time when we can be alone with NO obligations?!


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