Friday, March 04, 2011

"It's lovely to live on a raft..." Huck Finn

While in Jamaica, we spent most of our time taking tours and getting the lay of the land.  We spent only two half days on the beach, a few hours snorkeling (and in all truth actually never made it into any one of the swimming pools...but been there and done that.) While we could have rented a car, they drive on the 'wrong' side of the road and they also drive like crazy people sometimes.  Our J*** shuttle from the airport had a police radar active and it went off several times during that dark night as we took our speedy 2.5 hour trip to our hotel.  They told us most of the road accidents occur with tourists who drive on the 'wrong' side of the road or drive too 'slow.'  I think this means less then 15 miles over the speed limit.  We did not see any accidents while there, so perhaps the danger level is far lower than it seemed during our longer van trips.

We did walk up Dunns River Falls which is a tradition I told myself I would go through.  Hubby had done this 40 years ago (with some dingy blonde in a tiny bikini when there was like one other couple) with absolutely no hand bars, decks, people with cameras, signs, chains of people holding hands, refreshment stands, people trying to sell you photos, etc.  Thus, my experience this time was far different than his original adventure.  It is a climb of about 3 football fields up and the only danger is the rapids which are so rough you cannot see where you place your feet.  My only injury was a skinned shin when hubby decided to help me make a rather large step up by pushing on my butt!  The other discomfort (other than masses of people) was the gravel that kept collecting in the river shoes.

Sorry, no photos.  Too wet for cameras and the only photos they took I did not purchase and I am way too vane to print anyway.

We also took a newer tourist ride...on the bamboo raft down the Martha Brae River in Jamaica.  It is a gentle and very safe little adventure.  I was hoping to see exotic wildlife, but only saw exotic craft/refreshment booths.  The guides were wonderfully friendly and also knew their history and most of their botany.

No, that is not hubby and I on that raft in photo #3 but a charming young couple from Britain that went on the tour with us!  (And if you want photos of the birds and buds you have to check out my other blog.)


  1. Not enough money in the world to put on that raft!

  2. I'll take Annie's ride for her!!

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  4. You make Jamaica sound very tempting.

    I am glad you are enjoying the Picasa pictures. If you are on Facebook, I have quite a few there of family also, which as I have mentioned before I never use on the blog, and would be happy to add you if you are interested. I use the email on my blog as my ID there as it is also where I use my real-time name. :)

  5. what happened to the dingy blonde?

    More enjoyable snaps from an enjoyable holiday. This little adventure looks quite mild, go on then, show us the rougher passages.

  6. Guess when I visited this island with husband and 4 children - it was a rest trip. Sat under a tree and read, walked on the sand and at edge of water and tried to rest. Here I was in the 30's at that time.
    You are one energetic lady :) Plus I guess I am not very exciting - do not like tours. Dad and older children did all the exciting things.. Also I had a 2 year old at that time.

  7. Oh that does look like fun. I'll take the seat beside Kenju, please!

  8. You know I am enjoying every word and imagine.

  9. Oh, your post brought back so many memories of my honeymoon in Ochos Rios, Jamaica a hundred or so years ago!
    I, too, did the Dunn's River Falls "adventure". I held that guides hand so tight that I think that he temporarily lost feeling in it.
    Do they still sell those green bamboo "harps"?

  10. What a fun time I've had catching up here, Tabor. I've never been to Jamaica, but I've several friends who have. It looks lovely.

    It's a wonderfully diverse, endlessly interesting world, isn't it? By the way, on the post I couldn't help but wonder why they didn't simply heat the pool. I mean, he certainly had enough money to do so.

    But I think that's just evidence that I think in Westernized patterns too much. I'm glad you had a nice trip and I'm particularly glad that your daughter is past any danger areas in her pregnancy!

  11. What amazing adventure!

    Did I told you that I love the name of your blog and that words?
    Not looking back. Trying not to look too far into the future. Just savoring it one day at a time.
    Great wisdom.

  12. Yeah, what about that dingy blonde indeed? Long gone and totally forgotten!


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