Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This past year my blog readers have been more than generous with their comments.  I am told by REALLY good writers that they enjoy what I write.  I am told by REALLY good photographers, that my photos are sometimes exceptional.  I have been told by warm-hearted and generous bloggers that they share my feelings and ideas and were sometimes inspired by what I wrote. What wonderful gifts I have been given in your comments.  I admit that my blogging is usually words thrown out on the screen without the care and thought that many of you give to your writing.  Some of you have 100's of blogger fans that read and/or comment on your blog and I am so surprised and humbled when you take time to visit and leave a comment on mine.  You cannot imagine how inspiring that is!

In my culture, land of abundance, this is the season of giving and I am so rich this year that I am going to provide a trunk full of gifts for my readers.  Yes, this is for you.

Wrapped in bright red paper with a green bow is this very large box.  Inside I give you tomorrow.  It comes both with clouds and sun and warmth and cold.  It only came in large sizes.  It is magical in its magnificence.  It is perfect in its wholeness.  It is filled with small surprises and big purpose.  Do not set it aside (back under the tree if you have one), but please use it all wasting no part when the morning kisses you awake tomorrow.

Wrapped in bright green paper with a red bow in a slightly smaller box, I give you the sounds and smells of spring.  No batteries are needed.  When you lift the lid and push aside the tissue paper, close your eyes and open your nose and your ears.  Can you smell the fragrance of those tiny white daffodils?  Can you smell the perfume of that purple trumpet flower?  Can you smell new rich earth and green grass?  And listen, don't you hear robins chattering and wrens scolding and chickadees trying to shush them all as spring rains tap against new lime-green leaves?  OK, now you have to replace the tissue and close the lid and wait until another gray day when you need this reminder of spring.  You don't want to use it all up before spring actually arrives! (Those of you in another climate can put this in the back of the closet as it will keep until your  gray or winter days arrive.)

Wrapped in paper covered in laughing Santas is this medium sized box, and I ask that you hold on tight.  This is because inside is a big red bowl full of rolling laughs.  Do not eat them all at once or your belly will shake too much.  Also, be sure to share them around the room as laughter is always better when enjoyed with others.

Next, wrapped in paper with golden glittering stars, I give you the gift of a child's smile.  What?  You say there are no children in your life.  Then you must open your eyes and watch closely because somewhere near you a child IS smiling or needs to smile.  Then again you can enjoy this gift sooner if you go out and help a child smile.

 At the bottom of the trunk, wrapped in white paper with silver icicles in a very small box, is the jeweled gift of eternal/internal peace.  Sometimes peace is so light that you cannot hold it; sometimes peace is so blinding that you cannot see it.  Therefore, you may think this tiny box is empty.  But it is not.  Lift the lid and close your eyes and breath in deeply and very gently.  There it is.  It has entered your soul.  It is gently filling all the nooks and crannies of your mind and heart with a soft warmth.  It is, perhaps, my best gift as one size fits all.

Oh, I almost forgot.  This last gift is for my bloggers that are fighting the bigger challenges in life these days.  Down in the bottom corner of this dusty trunk is a platinum pill box and inside are little nanobots that come with tiny platinum hammers.  Their job is to smash replicating cells inside bodies of those fighting difficult diseases.  They are like the energizer bunny in that they never quit so you need only take a few every once in a while when you think you can no longer find energy to fight the good fight.

Now as we sit surrounded by piles of bows and wrapping paper, I wish all the happiest of holidays.

Hmmm...excuse me...I think I smell cinnamon...


  1. Thank you, Tabor, for those wonderful gifts. I know you won't be unhappy if I try to pass them around my friends.

    I hope you have an enjoyable Christmas - I don't know if you want a peaceful one or not!

  2. What a lovely, beautiful, inspiring and generous message, Tabor! I am really enchanted and I would like to thank you so much such a great gifts!

    Did you know that this year, we have in my family a gift of a child's smile? Yes, I am a grandmother for the first time. My grandson is my son's son. He is adorable!

    I wish to you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    Best wishes,

  3. Magical! Words do paint presents. I am reminded of Fredrick the Mouse who didn't gather food for winter with the others, instead gathered poetry to feed the others when the food ran out.

    Thank you for that!

  4. What a wonderful post!! Don't tell me you are not a good writer. I am not, but I sure know when someone is!!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Merry Christmas, may your blessings be many.

  6. Ah, very nice and thank-you. I needed that.

  7. Tabor a lovely gift, and I thank you for it. Happy birthday to you!

  8. Haha yeah, I feel the same way about comments! The more you get them, the more you feel appreciated and in result, get compelled to write more!

    This is a really good post, there's something for everybody!

    Much Love and a Merry Christmas,

  9. Thank you, thank you.. you sweet, "anonymous" blogger with the huge heart, mind and soul. These are the loveliest gifts - each a true treasure reflective of your wonderful heart.

    Merry Christmas to you. :)

  10. You have definitely added some glitter to my holiday! I have spent the last few days charmed by my mom and her friends at Chesterbrook Residences - where the ladies and gentlemen sparkle at ninety and sing sassy songs at 100 - and their eyes mist with pleaseure when the receptionist brings in her two year old in tinsel and jinglebells! Have a lovely holiday Tabor - your blog is stunning.

  11. Ahhhh! I wondered if Santa would pass by my house, but it turns out he didn't this year. Thank you for the inspiring gifts that really did come from sooooo far away.

    I love you Tabor. You are always just words away.

    Love, Shirliana

  12. I think Santa decided it wasn't worth visiting this year - Tabor's had done already his job (and without all the soot over the fireplace).

    Santa visited us, but missed the apple someone had left for the reindeer in the lift.

    Grrlscientist and I had an excellent day, cooking Mystery Bird, talking to my family and generally enjoying ourselves (and hte egg nog and wine). Now we're going to settler down to watch Harry Potter.

    I hope you've all had as an enjoyable Christmas.

  13. Tabor, you made me smile, laugh and cry. You are so talented and dear. Love you, Ernestine from the woods in Tennessee.

  14. aw, what a sweet (and sweetly-written) sentiment! even though i do pop in to your blog, i often forget that my comments mean anything to those who write blogs, despite the fact that my own commenters give me such joy.

    i have managed to do an alright job with celebrating christmas this year -- the first year that i've done so! i am still amazed that my life has taken such a dramatic turn for the better, and am pleased to see that you -- one of my longest readers -- are there to see it.

    happy holidays.


  15. emmm I love cinnamon it's a warm and serene smell and I accept all your gifts especially the one to ward off any cancer (two time survivor) which may want to try to invade my body...


    Dorothy from grammology

  16. So wonderful of made me smile. No one has wished these things for me...and so I thank you very much....I do love your writing, your pictures, and enjoy having you for a blogging friend....

  17. Thank you for the Beautiful gifts! MAy I share them?

  18. Thank you for those priceless gifts. Each package so special, wrapped so beautifully in picture perfect words!!

    It was a joy to open them.

    Wishing you and your family a very happy New Year.

  19. Anonymous2:24 AM

    Congrats on POTW mention! Very sweet post. LOVE my blog buddies. Love your sentiment for yours!

  20. each of these gifts bring so much to life..thank you for bringing them back to me...congrats on the POTW mentioN!

  21. Thank you .. happy new year and Congrats on POTW mention from Hilary

  22. What an incredibly kind post, Tabor. I really like it tremendously, and of course thought of Pandora while reading it. Good for you, being an empowered, purposeful Pandora and bestowing smiles, and good fortune with intent.

    Take care, congratulations on the post of the week!

  23. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Thank you for all those wonderful gifts, Tabor. We were all gifted by Hilary when she sent us to your place with a mention in her Post of the Week.

  24. Lovely, truly lovely.

  25. That's beautifully written. Congrats on Post of the Week!

  26. May all the gifts you've graciously bestowed upon us be returned tenfold!

    Congrats on the POTW mention, well done!

  27. Tabor, you give us a gift each time you write.
    Thank you so much for this glorious gift of words. I'm awed by the creativity of your mind.
    You paint such wonderful pictures!
    I hope and pray your Christmas was warm and wonderful, and that the New Year will bring a new delight to you each day, as well as health and happiness.
    Hugs to you dear friend.

  28. What a beautiful post. I enjoyed it very much. So excited you were a post of the week so I could come over to meet you and read your words! Inspiring! : )

  29. Beautiful! Merry Holidays!

  30. Oh, what lovely gifts. Thank you so much. In exchange, I send you the yellows, greens, and blues of summer. I include the Oranges and browns of fall, as well as the pale pastels of spring. Most importantly for thhis time of year, I send you electric lavenders, rejuvenating blues, and bit of carmine all to be found in the snow shadow of winter. Hugs to all of you.


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