Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Long Hot Summer Stilllife

I am guessing the summer has been too long and too hot when the vegetables lean back on the counter and start smirking at you...click on photo to see what I mean. Sigh. Smart aleck cucumbers. I have my grandson visiting all week, so may be to busy to blog much.

For those charming readers who asked...

Yes, I finished going through the trunk but am still reading my college letters home. That is taking more time. I did sort them (anal retentive person that I am) into chronological order so that my parents responses are correctly interspersed with my letters. My mother is very much a "Gracie Allen" when she writes. I am sure that most people other than my generation have no idea what I am talking about, but you can Google or Bing this scatterbrained character.

You asked about the dinner which was a lucky win so I didn't try Grannies potato soup. Pescatarians eat only seafood protein. So:

Cucumber salad (sour cream and mint dressing)
Striped Bass in a tangy Thai marinade
Steamed crab with basil/butter/olive oil/ lime sauce for dipping
Corn on the cob
Toasted French baguette slices with either garlic butter or tangy roasted tomatoes and basil from the garden on top.
For dessert:
Vanilla ice cream with heated fresh peach slices in brown sugar and butter as a topping.
Hot tea/coffee to help finish the meal.

It was a cholesterol busters meal to die for.


  1. The cucumbers are hilarious. Did you do that or did your grandson? Hahha.

    Oh, I know who Gracie Allen is. She was married to George Burns. My husband and I sometimes listen to old time radio and we've heard the Burns and Allen show on there. We love it!

    Now, I'm picturing you mother's voice to sound like Gracie Allen.

    Isn't it interesting readin your own letters? It's almost like reading a diary. How fun to reflect back on the memories of that point in time and compare them to today.

    Have a great day!

  2. My Mom used to say: "Don't let the enemy in". By 'enemy' she meant butter, ice cream and all those rich in colesterol goodies. Well, I don't let him in, but I go out to him. When I'm out, I sometimes treat myself to buter based pastries , ice cream, ec..

  3. That sounds like an amazing meal on short notice. Love the cuke!

  4. Smirking food..... now, that's something I've NEVER had occasion to think about, prior to this. I wonder if that ice cream in the downstairs freezer is smirking? I should go look....

  5. I've had berry pie twice in the last week. My summer is complete!

    My cukes are drooping and my tomatoes are cracking in their skulls.

  6. Lovely still life! Sounds like a wonderful meal.

  7. Funny faces on the cukes. Tee Hee1

    May I come have dinner with you? You made me hungry.

  8. Great picture. I'm glad I clicked on it to see the face. Very cute.

  9. have fun with your grandson....that cucumber is a humdinger...

  10. Oh, have a lovely visit while we let our arteries clear. Thanks too for the answer. :)

  11. Love the wrought iron fruit basket. That little face was cute. Have a wonderful time with your precious grandson.

  12. Have a great and fun time with your grandson.

    Next September I will have my first grandson, from my son!!!

  13. it is the cucumber in front of mr smirk that got me! i am sure it didn't just happen to be placed so strategically! LMAO

    that meal sounds wonderful! is there anything you can't do?!

  14. I want to come dine with you...

    "Say goodnight, Gracie"

  15. Invite me to dinner!! I would feel like I was in a first class or better - eating place.
    You cook divine, write and your images also great. You are multi- talented.


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