Friday, August 28, 2009

Two-Days in the Boonies

The heat and humidity along the Bay had worn us thin. It seemed that just walking out to the shed would result in a necessary change of clothes when one returned. We decided to celebrate our 39th anniversary in the mountains instead since the days that followed were going to be busy with relatives and houseguests. We were able to book a room at the lodge for $69. Do we know how to celebrate or what? The problem was that the above view was the weather that greeted us when we drove to the mountain ridge for our first afternoon hike (we really sort of saunter). The clouds in the distance grumbled and growled finally bringing a small downpour our way as we hurried back to the car where we sat for a long while watching raindrops pelt the dusty windshield. (The danger on these high meadows is the ligntning...not so much the rain.)

We decided to drive down the mountain and found a place below the clouds that was just misting moisture and not threatening a full-fledged shower, and found this old road that was a perfect hiking trail. No slipping or sliding along muddy rocky trails. (This was the area where I photographed the red salamander which I will post about later on my other blog.)

We also traveled another nice trail that followed the Blackwater River just outside of Davis, West Virginia. They have a spillway dam and camping areas and several new trails. The goldenrod was in full bloom reminding us that all of those great autumn colors were soon to be revealed as fall was hovering nearby.

Some trails are marked and others just become intriguing green paths that make you wish you had all the time in the world to wander them and see what new vistas will reward you.

This trail might have been an ATV trail until the ATV's were banned. (Thank God or the powers that be, says Tabor under her breath.) The recent rains made it a challenge to follow. When deciding where to place ones' foot there was either sloppy wet mud or boggy Muskeg on either side. I knew that my new waterproof hiking boots were worth the money when my feet stayed dry and hubby ended up with very wet socks.

The trail formed a loop just as we came to a beaver pond in the sunken marsh at the foot of a large meadow we had been edging. Most of one side of the marsh was wreathed in brown cattails as warnings about the wetness of the soil. We saw two brown hawks in the distance and even though we were very careful and quiet we scared a few pin-tail ducks at the far edge of the pond. We wandered down to the Muskeg edge and saw the remains of a very small deer that had perhaps been a wolf's or fox's dinner. I can visualize the predator enjoying a nice dinner as he looked over the quiet pond.

We moved on up to the side of the hill and set out our lunch with the million dollar view of the pond in the distance on one side and the meadow on the other. We shared cheese, salami and crackers. Cut into juicy fresh Asian pears and peeled some Clementine oranges and then topped the meal off with cookies and dried fruit and nuts. Best restaurant we have eaten in all year! Although there were deer flies about, none bothered us while we recuperated our energy on the fern bed in the shade of the trees.

We encountered even more new trails for another visit on our drive out. They seem to be reaching for creative trail names! There are hundreds of hiking trails in the area. I think we will never be able to trek them all.


  1. What a beautiful trek! Oh, and I laughed at the stick hubby has between his legs - probably for scaring away snakes as you walk.

  2. Actually Peruby it was for removing spider webs on the closer paths. I hate getting those in my face.

  3. One could definitely get lost in there.

    I love salami, cheese and crackers. Yum.

    I like the signs. I wonder why they named the one trail shock rocks?

    Very nice hike you took me on.

  4. This is the only way I can enjoy hiking these days. Thanks for the photo journey.

    I am glad I escaped the deer flies on your hike. They seem to love me and it would have spoiled my enjoyment if they flew around my head.

  5. Happy Anniversary!

  6. Enjoyed your trek. If I ever learn how to upload/download pics may mine be as interesting as yours. Thanks for the trip to a beautiful place in time.

  7. Oh, lovely. Humidity is awful here too. But sunny.

  8. Looks like a perfectly wonderful way to spend the day. Happy Anniversary. :)

  9. Hi Tabor..Costs of the albums. I confess I cheat. I bought the album itself at Ross Dress for Less. It's a solid navy blue leather and came with a handful of pre-loaded pages for $5.99. Then I went to office Depot, where they carry acid free, Pioneer brand, pages that will fit this album....almost 15 bucks for a double package of 20 pages/ ten sheets. I was in shock.

    I went right back to Ross and bought about four other albums. I trimmed the pages to fit other albums, and didn't have to do a thing to the pages for this album. Some of these Ross albums were $2.99, and two were in the $5.99 range.

    The album covers that I don't use will go to the Cancer Society for resale. If you do what Ruthe does, you could make your own covers and find specialty papers at a more reasonable cost. I'm lazy and was looking for ease of creation.

    Printer ink. Two new cartridges: $50.00. But I will use them all year.

    Photos:: $40 bucks. The small ones were only 9 cents each, but the big ones were the ones that hurt the wallet.

    Almost $150 bucks outlay, but things like the ink, paper, tape, and left over pages will be used in other projects all year long.

    Thanks for asking.

  10. I forgot to add that the printed photos were from Snapfish. All but one was printed perfectly and the error was probably my fault. The bigger size costs more and I ordered way too many bringing my total up.

    Yes, I don't do it myself because of the cost.

  11. Belated happy anniversary Tabor! I think trekking was a good way to celebrate it: you own your time, you own the world. :)

  12. We walked a trail along the Laurel River in North Carolina last week. I was amazed by the variety of flowering plants and bushes. There was a swim at the end to urge us on.

  13. Looks and sounds like a wonderful way to spend your anniversary. Congrats on 39 yrs! We had our 38th in April.
    The picnic sound delicious.
    I chuckled about your smirking cuke in the post below, and had a giggle about the pescatarian girlfriend. Oh my, that meal sounded scrumptious!
    I used to see blue bottle stingrays washed up on the beach in Australia, and of course they were something to watch out for while swimming in the surf. They're a small blue "balloon" with tenticles and they sting like blazes if you're unlucky enough to come in contact with a tenticle.


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