Sunday, August 31, 2008

Alot and videos

After hours of finagling and testing I downloaded the alOt toolbar into Firefox in order to both search and view videos and it seems to be working. Who knows what kind of spam or problems I may have in the future by doing this!! The toolbar has a nice search engine and lets me see the videos so I am happy.

"Who We Are:

We are an eclectic bunch of people…while our day jobs are at ALOT, we have a music-maestro, a trivia buff and a ballroom dancer within our team. We’re a group of fun-loving folk, based in Soho, NYC and what brings such a varied group together is one thing – our passion for making great Internet products that help people find information easily.

We’re a small group that’s part of a larger family. We’re owned by a NASDAQ-listed company, MIVA, Inc."

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  1. Hi Tabor,
    Just dropping by to say thak you for your nice comment on my blog. Next month, in October 2th, I would like if you could join Ecological Day. Would be great!


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