Tuesday, December 26, 2006

On the Day After Christmas

1) Couldn't really sleep-in as Xman was up by 6:30 and was ready to say good morning to his new "choo-choo."
2) Daddy had packed "choo choo" so that they could get an early start back home. Of course everything got unpacked and redistributed throughout the rooms in the short time parents got a quick breakfast.
3) One very special Christmas gift was that my baby girl is 7 weeks along with grandchild number two.
4) Bad news is that she has morning sickness the size of a small elephant and couldn't enjoy any of the food that she loves. She actually spent one afteroon of her days with us on the bathroom floor. (This past week she scared a coworker when she was accidentally found under her desk at work because she felt so nauseous. Sounds like something on a TV show.) Boo hoo.
5) We have guiltily contributed to the landfills of the area with the tons of banana- republic-bombay-godiva-macys-fischer-price, etc. bags that were left behind in my foyer after a somewhat excessive consumptive Christmas.
6) I am actually starting to take down the decorations (Yes, I heard what you were thinking.) This is because we will be back in the city for New Year's to catch a few movies.
7) One of the nicest things about the holidays is that I can have pumpkin pie with whip cream for breakfast and munch on holiday cookies as I do the laundry and feel no guilt. (And I did that today!)
8) We were smart this year and actually took all the toys out of their bubble packs and tightly wired housing before gift wrapping them since 30 minutes is too long for a 20 month old to wait for a train engine! One would think that toys are terrorist weapons the way they are protected from access
9) My son drove the hour back to the city on Christmas day and brought down his girlfriend of almost 6 years ... we are hoping this means something significant in the future as she is a very special girl.
10) And finally, I know very well that perfect Christmases don't come very often, but they are certainly worth waiting for on the rare times that they do appear.


  1. Had to smile...got our youngest grandchild a dinosaur robot, and it took about 45 minutes to get it unwrapped...with three adults helping him...wire, plastic, paper, etc.

  2. Sounds like you had the best Christmas - Between the little one, the Godiva chocolates and the pumpkin pie and ice cream - wow - you had all kinds of goodies plus your son being there with his very lovely girlfriend.

    What could be better.

    Have a wonderful 2007. ;-)

  3. Oh, it was whipped cream you had, not ice cream - either way, I'm sure it was good.

  4. I also had pumpkin pie w/whip cream for breakfast. :)

    I removed all the icicles from the tree. Eh, it's a start.

    My nephew FINALLY gave his girlfriend of eight years a ring this year. YAY!

    Congratulations on the new baby!

    '07 is going to be a great year.

  5. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Dessert has been at least one of my 3 meals of the day lately. I had to say no to a 3rd party tonight. Sometimes fun is a lot of work!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas indeed! How exciting that grandchild number 2 is on his/her way!!!

    And that is smart about unpackaging the toys before wrapping them. After all these years you'd think I would have figured out that by now. Those darned twist ties!

  7. Anonymous7:48 AM

    I envy you the pumpkin pie! Gingerbread just doesn't cut it. MLFullFath

  8. What a wonderful Christmas you had!

    Happy New Year.

  9. Pumpkin pie for breakfast is my favorite part of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Glad yours went so well.


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