Friday, December 29, 2006

Scattering Memories

We (I) have now spent the longest time in our new house...nine days. Nine fully filled days of errands and activities.

In the process of filling the house full of things, we celebrated Christmas with those we love and filled the house with the first important memories. First memories are wisps of smells and sounds that tuck themselves into corners of rooms and are unexpectedly revealed by a ray of sunlight or the wind racing through the door before it is closed behind you. They pause over your head as you sit down for a cup of tea during the day. They hide in the smudge on the newly painted wall in the hall. Memories make the house sigh happily in the afternoon or creak loudly in the night as it makes room for more of the same.

I think that I may feel I am coming 'home' the next time I come down this way for a short and busy weekend and not just to someone's new house.


  1. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Yes, how long does it take until you feel you are coming home? It's really hard to tell. You'll let us know won't you.
    It looks like you've had a nice nine days there.

    Concerning the wrapping of toys in blisters, I hate blisters and would be a good candidate for Millie Garfield's I can't open it show! I can't open blisters whatever they contain, and ask shop attendants to do it for me once I've paid. Does that sound silly?

    Enough rambling!
    Happy New Year, Tabor

  2. Tabor, that was just beautiful. I love this post about memories in the house. Every time I hear the house creak, I am going to smile and think that it is making room for more memories. :)

  3. Tabor,

    I can feel through your words that you are slowly but surely falling in love with the place you will soon call home.

  4. A lovely post. You are a real wordsmith. Wonderful writing. Please print it out and pin it up somewhere unobtrusive in the house or tucked away in a drawer. A physical reminder of those wispy memories.

  5. That's a lovely litle tribute....I agree with Val, you should print that out and save it.

  6. Wishing you and your family a Very Happy and Peaceful 2007!


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