Saturday, December 23, 2006

Two Days Before Christmas

I have been working like a crazy person. Cleaning, shopping, wrapping, cooking, decorating. Each evening I fall into bed so exhausted I can barely pull the quilt up. While my holidays are usually quiet, this year we are lucky and have friends coming for lunch today and my daughter coming to cook me a belated birthday dinner tonight and then her in-laws coming for Christmas Eve dinner and to spend the big holiday with us along with my son.

My new kitchen is full of pies, homemade and storebought, homemade cookies, salad fixings, pretty fresh fruit and wrapped candies and awaiting the delivery of a ham and a turkey brought by guests. My new refrigerator is full of cassroles waiting to be heated.

Weather this year has been mild if wet and very different from the whomping white whippin that my relatives in Colorado are enduring. Thus, hubby was able to decorate outside a little. (We are too old to be crawling up and down ladders!) I will try to post a photo, although all bets are off as I blog on this very old computer we have down at this house.

I have been sleeping very well and so, am surprised to find I have insomnia tonight. So, at least I have your blogs to keep me company.


  1. Well done! You seem more prepared than us, I am very impressed. We've been food shopping to the organic farms and the supermarket. And will go to the supermarket again on Christmas Eve to see if we can find any bargains (a second turkey last year!!) Its quite jolly, and we see lots of friends doing the same thing. Who would have thought it. Our visitors are here, but its laid back. We made mulled wine last night, and lolled around the open fire. I had mulled apple juice. The rest of the holiday is looking good. I am up early, hence time to comment. The best of times to you and yours!

  2. it all sounds yummy! due to the storm we had here in the pacific nw, we have been without power for 9 days, lost all the food in the fridge and freezer, and have to start over with even basics. no holiday cooking here! wishing our tables were loaded with all your goodies! i am going to miss the leftovers most, i think! we will be dining in seattle on christmas day.

    we finally have power tonight, and i am thrilled beyond words. a simple but fabulous holiday gift for us! then we are off on a holiday trip which looks like will be accompanied by daily rain if the predictions are correct. we have had strange weather now for 2 months, unlike anything i have seen since we moved here.

    hope your holiday will be as grand as it sounds - good food and good company to share it with. merry christmas to your and your family, tabor!

  3. Merry Christmas!

  4. And a Happy New Year too

  5. From one exhausted blogger to another. I hear ya!

  6. Merry Christmas to all of you and special holiday wishes to Sky who has too endure more than the rest of us these busy days!

  7. Merry Christmas, Tabor, and a very Happy New Year too. You are much better prepared for these holiday machinations than I am!

    .... and a belated Happy Birthday too!


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