Saturday, July 22, 2006

Honor Blogroll -Part II

A study published today said the average blogger is a 14-year-old blogging about her cat. Haven't gotten to her blog yet...but here is the second group of my regular reads below:

Old Horsetail Snake Hoss has an extremely popular blog and is known as an 'elderblogger'. He posts frequently and there is always a little contest to see who can post their comment on the day's blog-entry first. He tells ‘sullied’ little stories, posts funny, if somewhat irreverent, cartoons and ends with a his version of the definition for his word of the day. Once I was going to respond with a blog comment, but being number 24 or 34 or whatever, I decided instead to do a demographic review on the people who commented on his blog. I found that most of his readers are young and most are female. I am sure he is grinning all the time because of that. He is a sweetie. (By the way, this Honor blog roll thing was Hoss's idea.)

Just ask Judy I don’t get out to Judy’s place as much as I used to. She also is high up in the popularity of the blogosphere and that is how I first found her. She is the Yin to Hoss's Yang. (or vice versa?)

Thoroughly Modern Millie
Millie is a very well-known 80-year-old who gives us all joy when we see that life goes on in a such a wonderful way as we age. She is a snowbird and blogs about that transition each season. She also blogs about the past and these posts are usually romantically touching. (She has a son that markets her blog as if he were her agent and posts videos of her struggles to open things---that doesn’t sound funny, but it is.)

Written, Inc Carmi is a journalist in Canada. I don’t get to his blog as much as I would like. I was most taken by his unique digital photos. While looking at common everyday things he frames them as different and odd and striking. It is not the traditional digital diarrhea of pretty photos that we all insist on posting. Sometimes he posts a question with them which stimulates quite a few comments. He also is one of the few current father bloggers that I have on my list.

Honeystrain Honeystrainin is her mid-30s and an irreverent mom. Good place to go when you need a pause and an good laugh. Her sardonic take on our culture as seen through the eyes of someone younger. She also makes and sells pretty cards that seem oddly gentle in juxataposition to her writing.

Self Winding
I found this blog while blog-surfing. The banner caught my eye. It was so peaceful. Anna gives me an art fix and a British blog-ring-thing that only happens when a blog is written by a true Brit. Her blogs require some deep thinking sometimes --- can't just breeze through those posts. She also likes gardening. I don’t think I have ever commented on her blog, so she doesn’t know I read it, I am sure. She started her blog back in 2002 and one of these days I will really read it!

Time Goes By Ah yes, Ronni, who doesn’t suffer fools lightly and has no patience with those who do not respect the 'elderly'. Her blog is also famous and read by many of us older bloggers since her primary theme is the ageing process as well as society's take on elders. She just moved from New York City to rural Maine which shows that even elderbloggers can bend and not break. It has been interesting to watch her start to breathe more slowly in the new space.

long-toothed hinterland dweller Jude is the hinterland dweller that takes me through the exotic (to me on the other side of the earth) backyard in Australia. She is also an elderblogger. It is nice to have someone who blogs about strange fruit and strange bugs and stranger animals. I love to visit Australia vicariously this way. We have gardening in common and a love of the great outdoors. (Here blog may be ending...or re-starting...?)

Earth Home Garden I don’t comment on this blog often but I do visit often to stop by and view the beauties of nature. The outdoor photography with artistic tweaking is why I visit Jim’s place. I don't think he can take a bad photograph or he certainly does not post them. He and his wife live in a cabin in the woods in California. They seem to do fine without a car and consciously live a simple life. They could be aging hippies for all I know.

Well, that is the summation of the middle group. The rest are still to come.


  1. Wow, Glenda, I never thought that. Just thought it was another condescending turn on blogging. There wasn't any reference to any study, so I didn't give it much credit.

  2. Very entertaining, Tabor. You are nice to help out your b**g friends this way.

    My women readers who are not young now owe you plenty, by the way.

  3. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Thanks for the mention. I pasted your post on to my son and he got a big kick out of it. You are right, he is my press agent!

  4. I'll have to revisit this post (when I have time, something in short commodity what with 7 days a week 10-12 hour work days) and check out some of the middle aged chickie blogs you've listed. I know there's tons of teenage angst/cat/boyfriend/girlfriend/dieting/blah blah blogs out there, but there's a TON of excellent and thoughtful ones written by people old enough to drive.

  5. Anonymous12:08 PM

    I realize this is a couple of months old but I appreciated the links you have here and also in your sidebar. Great stuff!

  6. You might consider upgrading Ronnie's space. Since you wrote these words, she moved to OR, her much beloved cat died, and her writing is less because of her pancreatic cancer.


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