Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Blogroll Part III

Leaves of Grass Sonia is from Brazil and I cannot remember how I found her website. I must have followed a comment on someone else's blog. Comments are usually good hints at an interesting blog. While she doesn't write much in her second (3rd 4th?) language, I love the ability to visit her view of rural Brazil via my computer. She is/was a journalist and now posts photos of her life there in the countryside and photos about her family history. She has the most beautiful children as frequently happens in places like Brazil. It must be the sunshine or the food. Recently she has started to share her family photos from generations back.

Bill's Stuff I discovered Bill when he routinely commented on my house blog. He was/is/wants to go through a similar process. He also writes about other stuff like cooking, washing dishes, his family and we seem to be on the same wave length politically. He works with computers or software or something in the technology field and most recently he has been overecoming a physical challenge. It is always impressive to see people meet this stuff head-on and with strength, which he does every day. He is a good example for his family.

East and West at Every Turn
I think Sky was originally from a southern state in the
U.S. and she tends to blog and comment with a Southern drawl and gracious charm. She is now married to an East Indian American man who creates the most beautiful gardens for her in the beautiful northwest and she takes pictures to make us all envious. Of course, Seattle is a great place to grow stuff anyway. She posts text that is a reminder for me about poets and authors I have long forgotten. She aways sends uplifting comments to my blog as well.

The Daily Warrior Tammy is the perky 'Katie Courac' on my blog list. She makes me believe that no matter what happens life is good and worth living and to just go for it. Hey, even her pedicure’s are perky! She faces unique personal challenges and makes champagne from the stale grapes she sometimes gets. I am so totally amazed at her inner strength that when I get down I feel I should slap myself. Her sweet new grandson is the light of her life and in her newer entries she has become very creative with some text/photo combo entries called Haigu which I am hoping to try myself -- someday. (They are somewhat like a jigsaw puzzle and cannot be done lightly. Tammy does them so well it is a little intimidating.)

Idiot Out Wandering Around Scott was fiddling around with his blog format recently and finding himself personally, so recently he has not done much posting. I also started reading him through other blogs and comments on my house blog as he was in the process of building his house. I think he was more hands-on in his house project than we were.

Stepping Stones of Truth Val lives in
Dorset, England and posts the most envious photos of gardens she visits. She has a special love of Japanese gardens. Her home is like a lovely English cottage---only larger---with beautiful flowers. She knows how to appreciate the good things in life, and dares to pretend she can sail. Sometimes when reading her blog, I think I am visiting Agatha Christie's blog or that pair of gardeners in Rosemary and Thyme on Public Television. What fun.

Glenda in the Land of Oz Glenda is political and liberal and sometimes even funny in spite of that. She has a rich history in her life. You don’t want to get on her dark side. She will post you nude with a duck head at a moments notice ! (Just see some of her photos.) She generously comments on my blog from time to time. She, like me, is a peace-nik and so unhappy with the way things seem to be going in the world today, but she is also pro-active about it.

Daring to Write. Wenda is a writer and a teacher of writing. The title of her blog is what got my attention. She is one of the many bloggers I look to as I study writing and try to improve my own. She teaches writing in
Canada. I enjoy reading her well-crafted vignettes of life. She can be hard on herself which helps me to be easier on myself. Currently her blog is a diary of how to get healthier.

I cannot remember how I found Carina…through the Blogger dashboard (?). Who could pass up a blog with this title? Her blog is new and different and funky. I mean, how many painting-contractor-chickies do YOU know? She sometimes posts about one of her jobs which may require acrobatics or a good sense of ethics. (Also I am hoping for some free advice when I try that glazing technique over the ‘butter yellow’ room...) She also posts about her dogs which obviously are her other non-painting life. Carina has gone the way of the 'lost' bloggers...easy come easy go.

Beyond the Fields We Know
Kerrdelune is another blogger with many readers. She touches my soul with her photos of nature which reveal her graphics artist background and Buddhist leanings. Her photos show such peace and beauty. Her text is poetic and philosophical. Reading her blog is a nice reward at the end of a busy day. Her style is what I need to work toward when I snap pictures. Aye, there’s the rub---no snapping!!

Driftwood Inspirations Chancy is 75 years young. Her blog like mine tends to be all over the place, but she is a much better writer and a lovely poet. She is insightful on many levels. She is 'slowblog' so go there when you have time to digest thoughts. No fastblogging there. She also is very generous when she comments on my blog.

And last but not least is my blog-child. I like to take credit for giving birth to this blog, but as parents know we cannot take credit for anything our progeny produce. I commented favorably about the writing of a blogger on Robert Brady’s blog wondering why she didn’t have a blog if her own. Thus I inspired Maya’s Granny to begin her own blog. She lives on the side of a mountain in
Alaska, is a grandmother to a beautiful little girl, has an interesting relationship with bears and I am just beginning to learn about the rest of her rich tapestry of life.

There are dozens more blogs that I read on occasion and have yet to add to my blogroll. Too many blogs and too little time. It amazes me after two years of this blogging thing that I look upon my blogroll the same way I would any people in my neighborhood - with homage here to the late Fred Rogers - my favorite neighbor. Some I see everyday and some our paths cross only on occasion. I think the most amazing part is their loyalty. A few come and go, but so many still post comments to their blogfriends even after they have long given up blogging on their own.


  1. How neat to read about your blogroll comrades. I have learned some interesting things about these names I see frequently Thanks for the summaries - a unique and quite interesting post!

  2. Tabor, thank for these blogrolls. There are new worlds to wander in here, and there is much good food for thought. I felt more than a little humbled to find myself here... but delighted too. Thank you!!!

  3. Tabor-
    Thanks for the mention of Driftwood Inspiration and also for the insight into other blogs that I plan to visit.

  4. Tabor,
    Dearest Blog-Mommy that you are, I love Fred Rogers. When I was a freelance communications trainer, I used to show a Mr. Rogers tape to my classes of executives and then we would discuss how he exemplified good communication techniques. The changing of the shoes, the putting on of the sweater, the quiet voice and gentle demeanor. And, these powerful people would be able to focus on what he did to talk to kids and then begin to figure out how to translate that respect and attention to adults. It was wonderful to watch. How lucky we were that he came along.

  5. Oh, thank you for including my little blog! One day when I am brave enough to figure out the coding thing, I'll have my very own blogroll of fave blogs. Last time I tried, I messed up and made my blogs disappear - I panicked and haven't attempted it again...
    You have some great ones here. Darn, so many blogs, so little time.
    Hit me up for advice any time! :)

  6. Honoured to be on the same list as the wonderful Robert Brady! Wow!

  7. Anonymous2:18 PM

    I love these tidbit reviews and will be checking some out. Thanks!

  8. I loved the time you took to let us know something about blogs you read and blogs for us to explore.

    >>>Katie Couric<<<< LOL Oh I that bad? Dave and I make fun of her and he got quite a kick out of you comparing me to her. Thanks for your lovely words after Katie. LOL

  9. Oh dear, like chocolate pie with 3 inch high calf-slobber, these are just too delicious to pass up!



  10. Anonymous6:31 PM

    The Dare to Write one didn't work for me. Thanks for sharing these!

  11. Thank you so much Tabor!
    Only just now I see my blog Leaves of Grass and my name on My Blogroll Part III.
    Many thanks for your nice words about me and my family.
    I appreciate it more than I can say!


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