Monday, January 23, 2023

Where Does the Time Go?

One of my kind followers noted that I had not posted in some time. And, of course, since I have been in a mid-winter doldrums slump, there might be a reason for concern. I am still not quite in a happy place. I am older, tire more easily, and have trouble facing challenges with the tenacity that I used to bring to the forefront. It is normal for us agers.

Yes, I keep pushing through exercise two or three times a week.  About 30 minutes of intense free weights or maybe running over 3 miles on the elliptical.  This assures me my death will be quick when it comes  ;-).

2023 began with a frump or a dump or something that has even less enthusiasm than I do.  2023 was full frontal.  The gal that was a secretary at one of my last jobs passed away from cancer, and I did not know she was even fighting it!  My daughter's father-in-law passed after a long and difficult illness bringing guilty relief to his wife who now has a big change in the hours of each day. Two people from our Master Gardeners group of 40 or so also passed. Hubby was sick for a week with a cold or flu.  Not badly sick, just annoying fatigue.  Son and daughter-in-law visited with the sweet baby who was NOT sick for a change, but their dog did vomit on my carpet!  And they have my carpet cleaner up at their house!  I seem to be having brief dizziness when I move too quickly and I do monitor my blood pressure which does not seem unusually high.  Yes, this means I probably should call the Doc.  This is all in January which is not even past.

Today we are driving up to my daughter's house to exchange Christmas gifts.  It was either this Monday in late January or we wait until the end of March!  Their calendars are terribly full with all three children in activities and hubby involved in golf.  This will all come to an abrupt end in a few years and I hope my daughter is ready for the sudden end to running around!

I try very hard to focus away from the chaos that this world is going to be in for the next ten years, according to a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor.  I have been reading Yeats, Mary Oliver, and Elizabeth Strout.  I did not like Olive Kitteridge by Strout as the people in the book are the kind of people that I avoid and possibly why I am an introvert.  I did find Lucy by the Sea and Oh, William! more redeeming.

I have included a few winter sunsets taken from my back deck.  I know, QUITCHER BITCHEN!

May your 2023 be filled with honest love, restorative peace, and forgivable errors.


  1. Dear Ms. Tabor, I am sorry for your losses and for all the chaos had recently. I can hardly blame you for not posting. I hope you can enjoy the rest of the week. Who is the professor you mentioned?

  2. Glad to see you back. I know that feeling of being more fragile with age, but you seem to be keeping moving.

  3. So many deaths! My goodness. That's disheartening. I read Olive Kitteridge and watched the movie. I wasn't blown away by the book or the movie. It's kind of a strange story. I hope 2023 settles into a pleasant routine for you.


  4. I definitely don't have the drive I used to have. I can fritter away whole days now and accomplish nothing. I don't even feel like drawing or doing watercolors, just no motivation. But it's not like I'm not busy most the time. It's nice to have an income that I don't have to go to work for every day as minimal as it is. I'm just glad everything we have is paid for...for now. Ancient dryer stopped tumbling. Remains to be seen if it can be repaired. Meantime, I'm using my sister's dryer.

  5. I'm so sorry for all you are going through. I sure hope things improve as we move in 2023. You're getting more exercise than me because of a bum knee. Time seems to be speeding up the older we get.

  6. Sorry for the loss of friends and family
    Sudden dizziness, please let us know how the doctor visit goes.
    The Earth's magnetic field tension has been stretched elastic so far this year with 6.0- 7.0 earthquakes and north Atlantic wiggles. Sensitive folks might be having a wobbly time of it.

  7. I didn't love Olive Kitteridge either.
    Monday is house cleaning and laundry day. Even though Tom does most of the heavy work, I can barely get through the dusting and the laundry. I am hurting. It's not fun. I emphasize with your slump. But, OH, so many losses so suddenly. Hugs to you.

  8. Anonymous6:42 PM

    I'm down in a "summer slump"...little sign of getting out of it any time soon!

  9. You are not "b*tching." You have troubles and difficulties and you feel what you feel. It's good to be able to share with someone.

    I'm sorry for your losses.

    I love your beautiful photos.

  10. Those ARE beautiful sunsets. Just take your time. I'm tired of rushing around for so many years, and feel like I can move like a sloth if I like. Linda in Kansas

  11. Good to see you on-line again! I hope you get the dizziness checked. You are doing well to be able to run on the elliptical though. Enjoy that time with family this weekend!

  12. Sorry for all the problems and losses you have faced but glad to hear from you. I hope as the weather improves, things will for you also.

  13. It has been a hard winter for many of us. In the US, we already have 39 mass shootings for the year. We must do something about all this carnage, I think. I cringe when I turn on the news these days.

  14. Anonymous5:43 PM

    This aging business is not a lot of fun, is it? I have to remind myself it's probably better than the alternative, although I have no evidence about that. Please see your doc about that dizziness, we don't bounce like we used to if we fall. So sorry about your losses.

    1. Anonymous11:32 PM

      I should be used to being anon by now. Pauline

  15. Fair update with some nice photos. Carry on.

  16. Glad to see your back. Winter is a miserable time with all the sad happenings in your life but we have to take it as it comes.


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