Saturday, November 27, 2021

A Worthwhile Post

Some of you are so good at writing on a regular schedule.  Readers do like that.  They like knowing that every morning or even just every Thursday morning (or evening) they can join you with their computer and beverage of choice and live vicariously as you review your daily adventures, challenges, and hobbies. Oh, the food.  Don't forget about the food.

Maybe you are in the sunshine near a beach or maybe you are documenting the first heavy snowfall of the year.  One hundred years ago people had to wait maybe a week to read the adventures of someone they knew.  While personal Post Office Boxes were finally more common, it still was an adventure getting mail.  Catalogs were something that many looked forward to reading over the holiday season for gift ideas.  I don't know about you, but I throw away a half dozen each day!

Anyway, I do not blog on a regular schedule.  I do not deliver text predictably.  I may be a little busier on Facebook with people that I personally know, but my bloggers are like penpals.  I have met very few of you.  You do not want or need to read every detail of my life.  Yet, we read each other like some serial novel.

I am back home after a week away.  My mailbox was stuffed, my fridge (A new one) was empty and I was comfortably tired.  The schedule worked out such that I saw both sets of my children's in-laws (at different times in different homes).  I am so lucky that my children married into nice and tolerable families.  Yes, they are both Republicans, but they both are embarrassed by Trump and even voted liberal in the most recent election.  They do not think vaccines are a statement of belief but a scientific tool to keep themselves and those they love healthy.  (No, we did NOT talk politics.)  They believe that our tax money is wasted on social programs...but the disagreement with us is more a statement of method rather than philosophy.

We spent Thanksgiving in my son and his wife's tiny house.  She is a memory hoarder and has way too much '"stuff" on shelves and in cupboards and stacked in boxes.  They have a nice yard to expand the house but do not have the money right now to do so.  The meal was ordered in and it was not great.  The turkey was dry and we messed up on the heating.  The homemade sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes were delicious.  The green beans and other vegetables were ok.  The pies came from a local bakery and were very good.  We four sat around a tiny table.

I tried to help in the tiny kitchen and it worked, barely.  My DIL seemed distracted.  They had asked that we stay through the day after TG to welcome her parents that made a five-hour drive down.  We agreed as we had not seen them in some long time!  

The six of us ate a pizza lunch together and then son and DIL said they wanted a photo of all of us on the couch.  No problem.  Son spent some time setting up the camera.  He kept changing the timing...or something but finally sat down and joined us for some still shots.  Then he said he wanted a video of us all??!  We agreed and joined on the couch again while he and his wife counted out 1-2-3.  I thought they were going to shout Happy Thanksgiving, but instead, they shouted out "We're having a baby!"  

All of the parents were shocked and weeping and so happy.  This couple has had a difficult marriage.  Without going into lots of details, my son had some serious medical issues and the marriage was very strained.  But they both were strong and overcame those issues and now, while they spent two years using fertility treatments and trying so hard to have a child and being disappointed each time...they are now blessed.

So this Thanksgiving was very special for all of us!  Yes, the fetus is only 3 months old, but we are so hopeful.


  1. Although I am now on a MWF schedule for posting something, I find most people just write when they find something they would like to share. I do try to keep the super personal things about my kids quiet and I've taken my blog off of the web crawler. My kids get nervous if I'm too much out in cyberspace.

    I'm sure "We're having a baby!" brought even more excited smiles than "Happy Thanksgiving!" I'm so happy for all of you.

  2. Ha ha, when I disappear on holiday, I list of undone idea, it is I can't be bothered.

  3. Congratulations to you and your son, wife, and in-laws! Such happy news.

  4. You sound like you had a busy, but good Thanksgiving. And the 'news' of a new grandchild too! That is wonderful! We're not up to traveling yet... so our Thanksgiving was good, but fairly quiet... and no fuss. As for blogging, I simply do it when the mood strikes me... once a week or so... and I do enjoy reading other's blogs. I think we all have our favorites that we tend to bond with and look forward to hearing from them (not physical friends, but cyber friends - in some ways like cyber-pen-palls).

  5. Congratulations to all!
    Prayers for a bright and happy delivery of a new one at the table next year.

    I've not met a blogger that I know via blogging. I hope to some day, if my travel plans ever become reality. I think it would be surreal meeting a blog pal.

  6. That is very happy news indeed! And it's always good to hear from you whenever you post. I always look forward to seeing your posts show up in my news feed. :-)

  7. What a joy for them and for all of you! It sounds like it was an overall good time, in spite of the dry turkey and so much complication with schedules.

  8. Now that is a way to make an announcement. No doubt they are delirious with joy and everyone is a pleased as punch.

    I have gotten into a regular posting rhythm, but I never intended to necessarily be a blog-a-day poster, I just have felt like I have had a lot to communicate recently, and I hope that I am not too driven to post daily.

  9. Congratulations gramma. I do check in here every day. Rarely do I go to facebook these days, but I chase you down when I am there. Posts? Fewer now than their used to be. Often I feel no one is home. So I post a picture and skip the words. I blame it on the non-chemo pills. Hugs.

  10. I feel blessed in finding two posts from you in one day! I enjoy both of your blogs. And I don't care if you don't post on a regular schedule. I don't either, but I do try to post at least a couple of times a week.
    Your ending for this post took me by surprise, as I guess it did you too! And there must be a video of that surprised reaction! Congratulations, and best wishes that all goes well for this new little family.

  11. What a great surprise and ending to the holiday.

  12. What wonderful news at the end of your post. Those long awaited babies bring such joy! I hope everything goes well for the little family. I'm a far from regular blogger these days when so many of my days are the same. I can't see how anyone could be interested. Hopefully I'll find something to blog about when the border that is keeping me at home opens in mid December.

  13. Happy holidays and advance happy christmas and end of the year


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