Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Winter

I have somewhat gotten used to not hearing well out of my right ear. The pain from the infection is gone, but the swelling hangs on. I used ice packs yesterday afternoon and that reduced the swelling as I can now "pop" my ear open if I open my jaw. Walking around the house with my maw open is not too much fun, so I still muddle on hearing only the muffled sounds in the house that come from the left side. I have no dizzy or orientation issues, but it does seem odd to hear a sound coming from my left side when the sound is taking place on the right!

Now I think I understand what it is like for the hearing impaired and I admire their patience with themselves. It is easy for hubby to sneak up on me in the shuffle of his soundless socks and it is easy for me to procrastinate doing all those things I do not want to do and instead read my book and play word games on Kindle. It is an artificially enforced vacation. I am retired and no longer need vacations from my life, which is a vacation. I am lazy and use it as an excuse not to exercise or clean house or run errands. (Of course with this flu expanding, I will avoid senseless trips to anywhere.)

I do think about my earlier life when getting sick meant there were chores that still had to be done no matter how I felt, and people to care for no matter how I felt, and going to bed early was the only respite I could find. I think of my busy daughter with her three children. At least two are old enough now to cook for themselves a bit.

Above my daffodils are emerging like the idiot energizer bunnies they are. I also have small tips of tulips breaking the frozen crust of soil in the pots on my deck and of course the Lenton Roses that are weeks early. Signs of spring are everywhere. I know they are pushing the season, but so am I.

Photos were taken weeks ago before the ear infection!! Spring is impatient here.


  1. I sympathize with you having an ear infection and glad to hear it is healing. I gave in and got hearing aids 8 years ago after my husband got frustrated with my hearing problem. I am happy to have them. Those tender and yet strong stem tips are precious and promise you flowers.

  2. I hope you get better soon - being sick is no fun!

  3. Being a senior requires adaptation all the time, some more difficult than others.

    Spring can’t come soon enough here.

  4. it's been feeling springlike here for weeks! in January! an intermittent 2 or 3 days of cold here and there notwithstanding. but isn't that normal for spring anyway? went out today with the heater on...cold overcast rainy...and returned with the AC on as it has cleared up and the sun was beating down on the closed car. my daffodils are also springing up. I only got one flower last year so I hope they intend to do better this year.

  5. I find ear problems quite disconcerting, like the world is a bit tilted, if not upside down. Hope your problem passes soon.

  6. Love seeing those sprouts coming out of the ground, and the pretty pink roses, too. I do hope your ear gets better sooner than later. I know that feeling of not being able to hear out of one ear, as I occasionally get a real buildup of wax in there. :-)

  7. Spring is beautiful dream that can come true.

  8. Spring is impatient here too and I am impatient for it to come. Lots of rain and dark days here, but all those things are sprouting in my garden too.
    While you nurse an ear, I am still dealing with a sore jaw and hoping I have done enough to prevent dry socket from my tooth extraction. It is not debilitating, but irritating and a bit worrisome. There is not enough fun diversion in winter.

    1. That is the truth. We need distraction.

  9. Oh, i remember having painful ear infections as a child. I also remember being quite obnoxious about sharing that pain with my poor parents. I am dealing with a painful eye condition right now -- not sure if it's an infection or an allergy but I have an appointment with an ophthalmologist to have it checked out. Since i am by myself I suppose I can be as obnoxious as I want.

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  12. I hope your ear heals soon. That is no fun. Yay for spring!


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