Thursday, April 04, 2019

Who Am I? Thursday Thirteen

I am the old lady with the wind-blown gray-white (fuzzy) hair standing on her deck in that soft spring sunshine and seeing the first bumblebee of the season hovering around the citrus trees which are in bloom and recently moved from inside my house.

I am the old lady that talks to the bee encouraging him not to give up in his search for the Kafir lime blossoms and the Meyer lemon blossoms that are tiny and hidden within the waxy green leaves of the branches. He does give up and heads into the strong breeze, but I have not given up hope that he will be back.

I am the old lady that talks to the birds telling them her deck feeder has been taken down as the weather has warmed and they need to go the feeders in the yard or fend for themselves.  I watch as they come to the window and cock their heads in frustration like children I have put on a diet.

I am the old lady that gets such a pleasure from completing her lists and then makes more lists!  What is up with that?

I am the old lady that embraces the term Nonna, and I have never felt dread in reaching that honorific.  

I am the old lady that swears on rare odd occasions and my husband is surprised as I never used to do that in my younger years.  I explain to him that my frontal lobe is shrinking.

I am the old lady that sees the world and the reason for living in a much different perspective and very sharp vision, as the world turns a bit faster and I like to share this discovery with others, even though they may find it a bit tiring.  

I am the old lady that gets more compliments these days and respects them less because people are always complimenting old folks the elderly because they are on the doorstep of death, which can be frightening to the one giving the compliment and perhaps thinking it is a way of warding off evil and slowing their own approach to my domain.

I am the old lady that has no fear in wading into politics but knows that anger only fuels those who are fearful, ignorant, and unable to see both sides.  One must be calm and carry on while showing data.

I am the old lady that looks back on youth and wonders why she did not see that she was attractive in her youth and why she focused on stuff that made no difference in the grand scheme of things.

I am the old lady that admits she has regrets but files them away to selectively pull out when her grandchildren reach their teenage years, as one of mine has!

I am the old lady that has the wisdom to realize how rare it is to be married to someone who sees the joy in observing 4 Ospreys in flight high against a clear spring blue sky, or two male mallards fighting over a female near the shoreline, or two green leaves emerging from a pot, and calls to me on his cell phone to share.

I am the old lady who realizes she is one of the millions and throws wide her arms to an old lady sisterhood.


  1. I love, love LOVE this, Tabor. I am also the old lady who appreciates those who are with her on her journey, like you. Thank you for this wonderful post. :-)

  2. I am hugging you right back in that sisterhood!

  3. I am the old lady who appreciates your musings and is glad she can share the journey with you, even from afar.

  4. So well said. My approach is with a bit more trepidation as i cannot afford to get to where i can't work.

  5. I,too, am an old who thinks and acts similarly to you. About the only differences are I don't have a husband, children or grandchildren....but I do have my two furry, four-legged mates, both of whom I love dearly and spoil rotten...and why not! :)

  6. This is publishable. You are a grand old lady.

    About the swearing: as an old man I now swear on occasion when I never used to. I like it in some way although I am a bit embarrassed when my grandchildren look horrified.

  7. Great reminders :). I also like the word crone and enjoy reading crone lit :)

  8. "...warding off evil." Makes me laugh aloud. Perfect description.
    Thank you

  9. And we are out here. This old lady feels an urge for lunch, but wants to tell her sister that she really is just a fine human being.

  10. Just a lovely piece to read...

  11. You make me smile
    I am the old lady who calls herself the Ancient One
    You are following my 80 plus footsteps
    I like you :)

  12. Great post, I am one of them too.But I also read an interesting article about "Don't let the old lady in"

  13. Loved this post! May I borrow the "I am the old lady" phrase and write my own? Love being in the OL Sisterhood with you!

    1. Of course! Look forward to reading it.

  14. Well I think I know where that comes from;) It makes one think about being old doesn't it? I am perfectly happy being who I am. Things I am not................ not wise, not terribly dignified and rather scruffy but I do love the world I live in and always talk to the things around me, especially bees..

  15. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Amen! (Ditto). Andrea

  16. This is an awesome list! I am formulating my old lady list too.... I wish I could have birds and plants to talk to now too! You are not tiring to the other old ladies!

    You are appreciated! (not a hollow compliment)

  17. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Good day! I could have sworn I've been to this blog before but after going
    through some of the posts I realized it's new to me.
    Anyhow, I'm definitely pleased I came across it and I'll be bookmarking it and checking back regularly!

  18. Anonymous7:33 AM

    I could not resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

  19. This is a delightful post, I think you are getting wise in your old age LOL. I am a little old lady too, I think I will write a post about being one, inspired by you.


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