Thursday, July 12, 2018

Always a Travel Post About the People

My trip to St. Kitts happened to fall on a three-day musical festival at the Arena in the capital. We did not get tickets as being in an arena with tons of people is not my idea of a vacation. Patti LaBelle was the only name I recognized and the majority of singers, band, etc. were Reggie, rap, etc. Yes, they were mostly black folk. What this meant is that for one of the few times in my life I was in a high-end hotel and I was in the minority regarding my ethnic background. This had happened in Egypt years ago, but the Saudi Arabian men were haughty and rude and one actually shoved me aside much like Trump had done with the Prime Minister from Montenegro last year while I was trying to check in! 

These black tourists from all across the globe were much nicer, and really much better dressed.  I wished I had upped my evening wear, and exercised more by the end of the week when waiting for our driver at the front of the hotel.  I saw tons of really interesting and exotic hairstyles, dresses clinging to barbie doll bodies but did not think it appropriate to snap away, so you will have to take my word for it.

There were many other people there as well and below is a brief montage of those whose path I crossed, or who crossed my path.  (The vibe was much nicer than when I went to Jamaica a few years ago.  The economy and the tourist trade seem to be responsible for that.)

Our driver, Nigel, who was absolutely the key to our having great food and a wonderful time.  Getting married this August for the first time!
A nice collection of young ladies on the beaches!
I think these folks said they were from Cleveland (?)...maybe here for the music festival.
They might have been here for an anniversary or some such.  Maybe they were famous musicians!
A young couple who took the boat to Nevis with us.  I think from New York.
A small example of the lovely hairstyles.
A local who works in the tourist trade.

We took the local train on St. Kitts and this was the tour guide.  She had an excellent background in the history of the area.  I think she said she had a graduate degree.
A trio that sang for us...wonderful harmonies, slave songs, spirituals and some oldies but goodies.
While eating lunch I was trying to catch hubby and this fellow apologized for photobombing the event.  He was from Chicago on vacation and fun to talk to. 
It is always all about the people, is it not?


  1. I love the hair styles and clothing that they wear, so colorful against their dark skin. while in Lisbon we walked through a neighborhood that was sort of a little Africa. gorgeous people.

  2. I love the colors. We white folks are often so boring wearing colors. Look at that lovely orange dress and the flower in her hair. The train uniforms enclude plaid and a bright green. Then again, the Photobomber has that same green on.

  3. Wonderful photos
    So much sun makes me smile.

  4. I so agree. I have enjoyed meetng people on every trip we’ve taken. It sounds like it was a great experience.

  5. I do remember people we have met on our travels.

  6. The people make the place, and i wish more people would remember that.

  7. Yes, it's interesting to meet new people in new places.

  8. It must have added some interest to your holiday.

  9. What a wonderful trip. Thank you for the great pictures and descriptions. It seemed like just the ticket for real enjoyment. :-)

  10. People do offer interesting aspects to any place visited. With so many visitors descending on the area for event would have been especially inviting for photo snaps.

  11. Meeting and talking with new people is a great adventure.

  12. Yes, it is always about the people. What would any place be without its people? Probably still colourful, but quiet and a bit boring.


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