Saturday, December 31, 2016

I Am Toast!

I have spent time reading Blogger help sites and forums, checking and re-checking the settings on my blog interface, checking different browser settings, testing new posts to see if my blog appears on my Blogroll gadget and nothing is working as hoped. For those readers who want to return and read my site it will depend on their memory, or book mark, or bored happenstance as it seems my new posts no longer appear on their blog rolls either. This all started about two months ago. I deleted the last post when this mess seemed to begin (one about my dismay at American voters) to see if that would help, but no change.  It seems I have just evaporated. I have had a dozen posts since then with a few visits from those who probably are responding to my comments on their blog rather than looking at their feeds list.

Maybe some solution will evolve.

Got this message above from the toaster today and the fridge is groaning.  Even the appliances seem to be sympathizing.

Anyway, hope this means the New Year is going to be so much cannot get worse.


  1. I check your title in my blog list to see if there is anything new. I had someone like that before; so I do remember to look but not as often as you post probably. It's a weird thing why it would cease working :(

  2. Happy New Year! Can empathize with appliance, digital issues as having some of my own.

  3. No help here with digital problems, either sort themselves out or don't. My son always said, put your finger on the off button, hold for 20 secs. and the problem will go away. That won't help either! Happy New Year anyway and keep blogging only just found you, and we will all put you in our blog lists....

  4. Hope you soon solve this problem
    Any problem I have seems to throw me into the thought
    I need to just quit blogging.
    Best wishes to you and yours in this New Year.
    Thank you always for commenting to me
    and seems you were the first about 10 years ago,
    I enjoy writing but may come to a close soon...

    1. Slow down...but please don't quit.

  5. At least Room Without Walls is back in order and now, when I read your post there I can scroll down and click on One Day At A Time. Hooray!! If only you could fix One Day like you fixed Room

    1. My next project, after archiving all this years photos to a removable drive, is to print out the setting pages on both and compare..or do a split screen.


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