Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Tilting at the World

There were a few of my readers that felt the discussion of a dystopian future in the prior post was too overwhelming and depressing for thought.  There are those who are in the hands of God and feel they have no understanding of the future or what God has in mind and therefore focus on the day to day.  There are others who feel evil is a constant battle to be waged and they will pass tools onto the next generation to keep mankind safe and whole.  Then there are people, like me, who tend to be agnostic about the whole process, always refusing to give up the challenge, but also feeling the battle will not be easy and each turn must be analyzed carefully and sometimes solutions are very hidden behind our prejudices.  I know there is a precious goodness in mankind that means we will return whether in small numbers or large to restore beauty and love to the earth and to humankind no matter what dark days we go through.  Whether we are fighting religious fundamentalists, Bible belt salesmen, the unexpected results of our technology, or deeply greedy and evil leaders, we must prevail in our vesting of this planet and this civilization.   I also feel strongly that we cannot forget.  We cannot allow evil history to be buried and forgotten or we will continue to make the same mistakes.  We cannot be afraid that there is not enough to go around.  We cannot see human groups as "others."   They are us and that is sometimes frightening.

Evil can be difficult to understand because as writer Primo Levi says, "nor should you understand it, but it is a sacred duty not to understand, and that to understand something is to subsume it within yourself and we cannot do that."

Can you not look as a small child's face and know that your job is to stay aware and to always be brave?  You are their guardians of their future and you must prepare them before you hand over the reins to the young in the days to come.


  1. Beautifully stated. My thoughts are very like yours, There are fears that I have for my children, grandchildren and those that come after, but I always have hope that somehow mankind will survive, and maybe learn from our mistakes.

  2. Keep hoping, keep working for it to be better. It's all i can do.

  3. So many forces are at work trying to destroy our optimism that it remains a constant challenge to look for good and reinforce it.

  4. Perhaps the writer of the book you read may have overlooked some other future possibilities that nullify all his predictions. Life forms on another planet confront us, totally altering our place in the universe and how all of us on earth interact with one another. This could have both positive and negative consequences.

    I've also considered the possibility we ultimately digitize all our information. Books and other sources of information cease to exist. Power is then suddenly and permanently lost everywhere. The only way to access information for the most simple task is completely dependent on what individuals can recall. Basically, we're relegated back to life's basics -- almost as though humankind on earth is starting over.

    Of course, there's always the possibility a sizable asteroid will simply suddenly destroy earth since we still haven't devised a surefire protection against this possibility. Consider that we might need to establish a way to survive elsewhere in the universe, be prepared we may need to select a few of our humans to perpetuate our species and recognize the rest of us will just have to accept our terminal fate.

    I have a lot of other scenarios that could predict our future. Perhaps the point is we can think about that writer's and others predictions plus all these possibilities and more, but we might be wise to not dwell on any of them.

  5. Our new government just added the words "and Climate Change" to the post of Minister of the Environment.

  6. It would be so much easier if control over events could be attained, but we are not guardians of the universe yet, just grains of sand in an hour-glass... You seem to be in Sci Fi mode reaching to the future in your thoughts. No one can predict, tho all writers may try! I'm reading Rainbow Mars by Niven this week, about Mars n a time machine to visit during canal time when it had cities.
    I do sense more seld-responsibility for future folks is in order because we should always try.

  7. I wonder about how technology is changing our brains. I went to my doctor recently and he came in the room attached to a portable desk and computer on wheels. Later I wondered if it was a glimpse into the future where we'll all be attached and have everything at our fingertips. Mostly I think climate change will create more severe weather and we'll all be in the same back to basics boat just trying to survive.

  8. The pace of change in the last 25 years has bee phenomenal. When it comes to dealing with inequalities we are no different. Human Beings are what we are - and thankfully there are some who will always try to work for the greater good. You've been reading serious stuff, Tabor, hopefully you can read something easier soon!

  9. Did I mention that I liked your Halloween banner a lot. :)

    No, the battle has not been easy. I eagerly took part in those early battle years against those who would homogenize the world into one human occupied mess. Where you put up those wonderful poles, I paddled senators through sloughs and fed them hot cocoa when they landed. I helped an old friend open the steel doors to let water into a slough that needed refreshing.

    I wasn't ever good at talking, but I made a movie that was shown on our local PBS. I drew and painted et al. For that's the trick. Knowing what's needed, education, and taking action on that education.

    Today I still take actions, but a little more quietly.

  10. I am an optimistic pessimist. Part of me ‘knows’ that fighting evil is an ongoing process, the battle often lost. And when I see small deeds of kindness and goodness, hope resurfaces.
    It’s all so very hard. But yes, you are right, we must do our level best to keep sanity alive.
    Would it be a good idea to keep the Ben Carsons and Donald Trumps of this world under lock and key?

    P.S. My hypericum is a shrub (hypericum Hidcote), which grows as large as you wish (prune as much as you wish) and is not invasive. The invasive hypericum is a perennial ground cover.

  11. Oh yes. I agree with you whole heartedly. I worry for my grandchildren.

  12. Staying aware and informed is important. Reading about every dire prediction is another matter. Predictions are just that, guesses based on varying amounts of current fact.
    There is so much misinformation out there these days, so much fear mongering, so many conspiracy theories, that it can be a full time job just to fact check some of it.
    My cause right now is to try to ascertain truth in the political debates and current political scene.
    I have fears for the future, but my sphere of influence is limited.

  13. Your above outlook and commentary resonate with me.


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