Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thursday Thirteen in October Contrasts

  1. Tabor debates at this time of year whether this week is THE week to pull down the winter quilt for the bed.
  2. Tara debates this time of year whether the UNHCR tent will be warm enough in the coming months.
  3. Tabor is thankful she has heated tiled floors in her bathroom so she is not shocked by cold tiles in the morning.
  4. Tara is thankful they built the concrete bathrooms near the fence and she no longer has to use a bucket.
  5. Tabor is beginning to stock up on frozen garlic, jams, and baked goods for the holidays.
  6. Tara is tucking away the box of rice and spices from UNHCR under the bed to save for the winter.
  7. Tabor called the garden company to blow out her garden soaker hoses today well ahead of a freeze.
  8. Tara has walked several miles to the farmer's greenhouse to help with planting seeds, hoping there will be greens this winter to share.
  9. Tabor loves the autumn light because it makes for good photography.
  10. Tara sees her daughter playing in the sand in the autumn light and knows this picture will remain in her mind forever.
  11. Tabor has gone through her closet and removed summer clothing she no longer wears to donate to the ecumenical Christian store. 
  12. Tara has gone through the plastic bags of donated clothing and is relieved she found something she could wear.
  13. Tabor and Tara watch the setting sun at the end of the day on the distant horizon and both hope and pray for peace.


  1. I work in community service and Tara's story is the story of so many. If anyone is cleaning out their closets in the next few few months and you have any blankets you can donate, please bring them to your local food pantry, Salvation Army or other such charitable organization. (Call first because not all organizations have a big enough facility to store them.) There are many families who cannot afford to heat their homes and extra blankets are a necessity. The stories I hear (from the Working Poor, the elderly, and the ill) can break your heart.

  2. That is so very powerful.

  3. I love this but who is Tara?

  4. Tara is a Syria name for a female.

  5. We are so blessed. Thank you for the reminder.

  6. Wish I could do all that! I'm working on finding long-john pants... Found 2! Need 7 here somewhere or across town in storage...

    Great pic!

  7. Peace is the best thing to pray for.

  8. Thanks for the reminder, it is easy to forget how blessed we are!

  9. I had to Google UNHCR. You're good to bring attention to it.

    A penetrating read!

  10. I Googled UNHCR too, just to be sure I was understanding your wonderful post.

  11. I love this
    and some going on here by the woods.
    My quilts put on bed several weeks ago, closet done last week
    and will have helper bring in plants on screen porch this morning
    as frost arrives in the country tomorrow.
    Take care
    you are a pleasure to this one
    over the years..

  12. Wow my friend, you have done it again.

  13. You gave me goosebumps.

  14. As do I. Very moving piece. While you are at it, please pray for the old lady who lived in her van and trailer at the Discovery Shop where I work.

  15. There is something about this season that compels us to slow down, unplug and take it all in just a bit more reflectively than might otherwise be the case. I needed a reminder if that on this prematurely snowy autumn morning, and I'm grateful to you for providing it. Many thanks to you and Tara!

  16. And wonderful to come back to. :)

    G's museum wasn't open because the person who was to open took pills and overslept by 5 hours. G called the boss, and boy was she pissed. The museum opened late.

    Packing. That was for a long cruise. This time, I can fit everything into a small bag. We are only going to be gone 3 days.

  17. Nice post. You're inspiring me to go through the house and collect the coats (from us and the kids) that we no longer wear. To the Salvation Army they go. May be all be warm, and full of peace, this winter.

  18. Nice see saw contrast that ties both T's together in a poignant way.


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