Monday, October 12, 2015

Food, Glorious Food

Fall is the time when food is abundant, when you know that the freshness of some foods will be waning and when you justify eating more to pack on the pounds to stay warmer through the colder months. One's appetite is sharper as well, it seems.

We brought up what will probably be the last of the crabs as the nights are getting much cooler.  Their shells are harder to crack as the molting season has long passed.  I picked a batch of the basil that has gone to seed to add to the lemon/butter sauce for the crab.

We also steamed some of the Swiss chard which will continue to provide us greens up until frost in a few weeks.  I drizzle a little bacon fat over the top and then salt and pepper.  It is also good with just a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.  The plants are huge this time of year and since the weather is cool they are so tender, even the stems!  The rest of the meal was leftover potatoes gratin.  Potatoes from a distant farmer.

For dessert I made a peach pie with some puff pastry on top.  The peaches were a bit of a disappointment as the farmer had placed them in coolers since they had been picked earlier.  I was pushing the season, I guess.

The night before we had breaded/fried eggplant.  We have fixed it a dozen ways this late summer and early fall and this was the last way.  Freshly picked eggplant is so much richer in that subtle flavor than anything I have purchased at the store.

There are still too many tomatoes and we have been too busy to process although hubby has been busy drying the hot peppers to warm our tummy in soups and sauces throughout the winter.  The rainy weather had done a number on our tomatoes, but they seem to bounce back at last.

I did make time to make carrot cake as we had lots of carrots.  They are a little tough in our garden, but when you take a food blender to them and put them in their place, they make delicious cake!  And making this cake makes a delicious mess!

Now that I am well-fed,  I am off to staff a garden booth at one of the events at the museum for the afternoon and see if I can shed all these pounds I have added.  It will be cooler than I had hoped, so need to get out that old turtleneck and take a nice freshly picked apple with me for lunch and answer questions such as "Why can't I get my spinach to grow?"


  1. A neighbor gave us some of his last garden tomatoes the other day. They looked awful compared to the big red ones at the supermarket. The flavor kicked the supermarket tomato's stem?

  2. I admire anyone who can grow food. Congratulations.

  3. Since we still have temps in the upper 80s and 90s, we definitely aren't doing turtle necks as yet. Lovely produce pictures.

  4. I have noticed the desire to eat belly warming foods has started to make itself known. It must be that time of year again.

  5. You've been busy and it all looks fantastic. These are all thing that I love to eat. Because of the chilly nights and amount of shade in our yard it's hard to grow our own stuff. Got some green beans and a few tomatoes, but that's about it.

  6. Wonderful. I love soups out of different varieties of squashes too. Great way to celebrate fall. Envy your garden.

  7. Oh my
    I am envious of all from your garden,
    peach pie and carrot cake
    My time
    is now
    trying to learn the new computer
    that was finally brought to me
    this weekend.
    Hopefully I am successful...

  8. growing food is not easy is what I have learned. and did you stand on the counter to take that picture?

  9. This is the time of year when i most regret my black thumb, and wish i knew gardening friends with explosive gardens that would dump excess upon us!

  10. You have some great crops and some GOOD cooking! Pie AND cake! I have never made a carrot cake, just lots of zucchini cakes.

  11. I love your pictures of fall abundance.

  12. I cannot grow food but my neighbors can and since they plant on my property they are very generous with me. The growing season is over around here and everyone is preparing their gardens for next year. Meanwhile I had some delicious tomatoes, peppers, squash, cantaloupe, etc. I also cannot can, so they give me homemade salsa, jelly, etc. It is great to be spoiled and enjoy their spoils:-) Obviously Tabor you have much more energy than I.

  13. Goodness, look at that kitchen counter. I applaud you your food zeal, but I retreat to my still hot summer sewing. You are amazing.

  14. I've been fattening up on white sweet potatoes and parsnips fresh out of the ground. Goes good with venison sausage or burger. Our Swiss Chard is still producing, along with some turnip greens. I can't grow spinach either and the tomatoes are long gone. I had thought the chickens (10) had stopped laying but I found a stash of eggs today under a tarp (8!). I do think fall is a good time to cook and enjoy the harvest. I have an ongoing apple crisp on the counter. Carrot cake sounds good!

  15. I LOVE everything you mentioned. Actually, it was quite poetic, along with the photos that show your passion and appreciation.


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