Thursday, September 24, 2015

What Happens Backstage---13 Revelations for Thursday 13

  1. Having so many delicious bell peppers from the garden I just had to brag and post a photo of a stuffed pepper casserole on Facebook.  After taking it out of the oven it slipped from my hand and the casserole broke neatly into two pieces as it slid across the kitchen floor.  No shards, so we ate it anyway.  Did not post that on FB!
  2. One Sunday afternoon in fall enjoying the beautiful weather and being thankful we had nothing on the calendar as we sat in bliss.  Then an old friend of hubby calls reminding him we are supposed to be at their house for dinner.  Got out my most expensive bottle of Barolo and sheep-faced made the hour-long drive to their house!
  3. I have already posted about my new tutoring experience and how I am handling my fear of math.  But did not post that my student canceled (once again) our third scheduled meeting due to a bad back.  Sometimes we are our own worst enemy!
  4. I got a rather large bill from the electric company, and after some research, realized I had failed to pay last month's bill.  Getting old is not for sissies.
  5. This past week we had a house guest who rides a Harley, once belonged to the same golf club as The Donald and wears an earring in one ear.  If you knew us, you would realize this was not someone you would expect we would entertain.  I found I liked him in spite of my prejudices.  (He also has had children by three different women, lives on his own in the coal country of Pennsylvania, and knew hubby way back when they were both much more naive.)
  6. Trying to (once again) run 3 miles a day 3 times a week even though it does NOTHING for my shape or weight loss.  I rarely write about it because people might expect I would be thinner.
  7. I purchased some doughnut holes for the gardening seminar that I was helping set up last Saturday and forgot to take them, and proceeded to eat a bunch over the next two days.  I have no self-control.
  8. My addiction to British murder mystery shows seems to show no abatement even when I have seen them three times and know exactly what is going to happen.
  9.  Flat-earth society types give me an ulcer and I may not find it easy to be polite much longer.
  10.  I get disappointed when I think I know so much and find out I know so little.  Learning will always be a passion with me and I wish this was so with everyone.
  11. I do not listen to enough music in my life and should be better organized for that.
  12. I have no idea who I am going to vote for in this next election, but that in reality, is not something I have not told anyone.


  1. I'm a fan. What British Mysteries do you watch and read?

    Have you watched (on Netflix) the Canadian Murdoch Mysteries or Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (Australian, also Netflix)? How about the recent Arthur (as in Conan Doyle) and Charles on PBS?

  2. Keep at it - 3 miles a day 3 times a week.
    The weight loss will be gradual.

  3. I love bell peppers but Mrs. C. isn't so fond of them. I put them in the shopping cart at the store or we'd never have any. I wish you lived next door to me so you could toss some over the fence.

  4. Right now we have no idea who will actually be running. I'll be glad when we get past the 'silly' time but then will we get past it?

  5. Hmm...You are maybe a little hard on yourself? Keeping up with a level of activity like yours would floor me.

  6. We love bell peppers and put them in almost everything. DH also makes great stuffed Peppers with toasted pecans. We try to do the 10,000 steps, but so far 5,000 is the most we can get in one day. I love British murder mysteries and watch almost all of them on PBS... and yes, I will re-watch them too. Don't know what *flat earth society types* are?? As for voting, I can't imagine anyone knows who they want to vote for at this point (however, we probably do know who we won't vote for).

  7. 3 miles 3 times a week. Me too, but I'm walking.

    I'm waiting to see who the nominees are to decide my vote.

  8. Great list! I saw myself in there often.

  9. It's proven that exercise doesn't help you lose weight. What it does is help prevent gain, get you in better shape so your same size clothes fit better, and a myriad of other benefits that make it essential. Keep going!

  10. I've been loving all the British detective series too. Just got through watching the latest Sherlock Holmes.

    Ouch with the casserole! My mother was making a crab casserole one night and flipped it upside down by mistake all over the oven door. It was a horrible mess and she was so upset by it.

  11. The running never for me but up until a few years ago did walk 5 miles almost daily.
    Do yoga daily at this time. Love green peppers and miss my garden of years past.
    At this age realize I know so little but seems my grandchildren know it all.
    Weight, never a problem and wish I could gain a few pounds.
    Take care of yourself - you know what to do...

  12. I could relate to that list in so many ways. Except for the running...but I do walk at a brisk pace and for a good distance for exercise. Sadly, if I lost weight now I would just end up with saggy skin.

  13. I can no longer run but I am back to my fast walking. Every day I go a little further and although it does not show on my body, it is wonderful for my mind and attitude.

  14. I hate that feeling when it's a lovely day and you just want to relax and then you realise there is something you have committed to do!

  15. Why don't you link up at the new TT and meet some new Thirteen Thursday bloggers?

    Now I forget what I was going to say, but I had fun reading and catching up.


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