Thursday, October 03, 2013

Thursday Thirteen #34--Random Conflicts

Is it sort of like answering the door in your pajamas when a new reader visits your blog for the first time and the post they read is a 'Debbie downer' rant on how bad you feel?

There are women who have regular hair appointments and then there is me...who realizes it is time to get a haircut when my side combed bangs cover my eyes and I trip on a fallen branch.

For almost a decade I have hated the low or even 'regular cut' jeans because only a 20-year-old has a flat
abdomen.   Please note, the term muffin-top began at the same time fashion move the waistband on jeans. By the way, wiki says it originated in Australia and was the word of the year in 2006.

The minutes from Congress this week, "I know you are, but what am I?"

Why is it that neighbors always say, "He seemed so normal," after someone runs amok?  (No I am not writing about Ted Cruz.)

So we are now 95% sure that mankind is causing global warming...when will scientists be 100% sure.  I know,  it will only grow to 99.9%  at the most but most of us will be treading water and not notice.

October 2 was National Kale day and also the day Putin was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize...I think these are linked in some is a conspiracy of some sort.

While there were poor people on the streets of Budapest when I was there I was surprised that the legislature recently passed a law to ban sleeping on the streets or must tear down the shelters they have built in the woods.  Homeless will be assigned to community service or a  fine when caught.  A fine?  Has the world gone mad?

Something I never thought I would read in a headline "revenge porn."  ?

In case you or your children do not know this...the natural color of water is NOT green or even 'greenish'.

The shortest war in history lasted only 38 minutes...the Anglo-Zanzibar War of 1896.

There is a restaurant in Pittsburgh called The Conflict Kitchen and it only serves food from nations the U.S. is at odds with.

Only 11% of jewelry stores in the U.S. have a conflict-free diamond policy.  Where do you buy your diamonds, sweetie?


  1. Yes, I accept that these are more acerbic and less humorous than those at Colleen's Loose Leaf Notes.

  2. Remember Wednesday's comment about her Hallowe'en costume? The same observation could be made about Cruz.

  3. We don't buy diamonds anymore. I'm so uptight that I make my own diamonds by shoving carbon up my---well, you get the idea.

  4. I'm assuming the Conflict Kitchen has a very varied menu.

  5. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Well written! Yes, sometimes I think the world has gone a little crazy...

  6. Hear, hear, Tabor!

  7. Another fun to read list! Thaks

    Some people think ranting is the point of having a blog- I've been having alot of cause for complaint lately- at my new ISP.

    Our ponds here are fluffy bright green!
    Normal: No one knows when they will go beserk... Another in DC today-
    Wish I could buy some diamonds-

  8. Now my head is spinning:)

  9. Why you are just a plethora of information, Tabor! :)

    Fun to read... or more like what Grannnie Annie says - head spinning.

    Keep it coming.

  10. I never liked diamonds before I knew they were "blood" diamonds. The horror of it all.

  11. The world has run amok, and Congress is heading the parade. No, i don't buy diamonds, i find it hard enough to buy groceries that i can be sure aren't ruining people's lives in the growing, making, and transporting.

  12. Thus post made my day.

  13. I love all these. It struck me as I read that I still have a sister-in-law who doesn't believe in global warming. Simply wonderful bits and pieces. Diamonds? I confess I inherited all mine, but I buy garnets. :) Yes, I confess I blog before dawn. Today I managed to get a good workout in the pool. Now work. I can now stay a full three hours. Ya like that better? LOL

  14. What an interesting collection of conflicts. The thought of green .. even greenish water scares me.

  15. Nice list. I like it!

    I do not buy diamonds. They're evil.

  16. I enjoyed the list, but I'm wondering about "conflict-free diamonds. Since almost all diamonds are recirculated, how can they be sure what is being brought to the table?

    Not expecting an answer, just thinking.


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