Monday, September 02, 2013

Getting the Old Heart Started

Nothing like pulling together all the documents, papers and schedules for a trip that you thought was departing early Wednesday morning and finding that it departs the evening of the Monday morning that you are pulling out all your stuff and getting organized!

Called cell phone for international access.
Called two visa cards for international access.
Packed (Although I had been 80% packed for a week!)
Charged batteries
Called for plant keeper and lawn mower
Emailed bank for finances for son
Made copies of passports
Watered plants, mowed lawn contacted neighbor's son for help
Tried to find WHERE we had made reservations overnight in Budapest...without luck(!) so made more reservations!!
Stop at bank for a little cash
Head to airport

(One would think international travelers such as ourselves were not so amazingly unorganized!)


  1. I think you are going to have a wonderful time. You are travelling through my favourite regions in all the world and you will also travel through history, starting with the Middle Ages and ending in today’s ‘old’ world.

    Lucky, lucky you.

    Keep an open mind and don’t be too ‘American’, i.e. in too much of a hurry and disdainful of what is still real old world charm.

  2. We have a checklist that we use. It's pretty effec - where the heck did I put that thing? Someplace safe, I remember....

  3. I envy you this marvelous adventure. Like Phil says on "The Amazing Race": The world is waiting for you. Enjoy.

  4. Wow!! You must have been super organized to pull off all that on the day you were leaving! Have a wonderful trip! Looking forward to reading about it!

  5. Talk about a shock! You are starting your adventure with a bang, and i hope the rest goes well, and without any such sudden crazy things to deal with.

  6. Have fun and travel safely.

  7. Budapest! Have a great time. You sure are starting off in a panic, but hopefully that isn't setting the tone for the rest of the trip. :)

  8. Safe journey, we've got your six.

  9. You are both simply marvelous. What a wonderful trip this will be. I'm Waving enthusiastically. Bon Voyage.

  10. Great to add adventure to your adventure! Happy trails to you.

  11. Well I certainly hope you got all the chores completed at your son's place before you took time for you own fun? jk (just kidding)

    Have a grand old time!

  12. Well, you made it, and that's what counts.
    Have a wonderful time.

  13. Waving goodbye to you! I don't think I could have pulled that off. Have a great time!

  14. Oh my goodness!!! Panic!
    Hope it all worked out okay!
    Have a wonderful time!

  15. What a surprise. It sure put you into motion and by now you're having a wonderful holiday. Enjoy!

  16. What a way to get the blood flowing... fast! :)

    I suppose you are en route as I type. I'll be eager to hear about your trip.

  17. I like lists and see them as time capsule poems.

  18. Wow. that was a llot to pull together in such a short time. You must have quickly overcome that sense of panic you felt when you discovered Oh, no! It's today!

  19. Have a good and lovely travel!
    I am looking forward to see some pictures!


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