Thursday, January 03, 2013


We are both tired of the abundance that surrounds us over the holidays.

Hubby is tired of the abundance of germs that were shared by the most beautiful grandchildren in the world.  He has been coughing for days.

I am tired of the abundance of chores that must be done when one half of the partnership is down for the count.

I am tired of the abundance of calories that waited for me everywhere and I have started once again (after the second twisted ankle in late fall and the completion of the dose of weird medicine) to go forth on the elliptical.  Thank goodness this is not a New Year's resolution.

I am tired of the abundance of specialty stores in American malls.  We have not one but two 'eyebrow' stores in our city mall.

This list is just the self-indulgent list at the mall.  It will come as no surprise to my readers that I have NEVER had my eyebrows done in my life time.  At this time in my life they are thin and only hormone application would work and with my luck I would also get hair growing out of my nose and ears.

There was a store just selling olive oils and few specialty about living in abundance in a world that has many going hungry each night.  (That guilt did not stop me from buying several expensive oils!)

There was an abundance of gifts in my life this year...two big ones that hubby bought me and which I did not ask for and am not sure I want.  One is a very fancy remote control movie camera (two actually) for watching animals, nannies, or neighbors when they do not know they are being photographed.  (This should just open up the world for more blog posts and perhaps resulting lawsuits.  Youtube here I come.)

The other was a smart phone.  It is thin making it very droppable.  It has a touch screen that zips and zaps and gets it right 50% of the time.  There are features upon features ... 90% of which I will never use.  After some effort I linked it to FaceBook and was a little frightened that it picked up a bunch of phone numbers from that link as well!  I bet half these people do not know that I have their phone number!   Please note that I get maybe three calls a month on my mobile phone...maybe.  Usually these calls are hubby trying to figure out where I am in the mall so that we can meet up for lunch.

The one abundance that I am always amazed about is the love of all the love-able people in my life.  I can never repay it, but that will be my New Year's resolution.

(One final abundance note is too many fruit flies...not from all the wine I have been drinking but all the fruit that went to ferment while we were gone.  I actually have one floating in the dregs of my coffee cup this morning.)


  1. I hope that we can find happiness and satisfaction in simplicity not in abundance in the coming years. Hope that the New Year brings good health for every one.

  2. Fruit flies are pure protein so don't worry about them.

  3. Ah, fruit flies....they drive G mad. Yes, G has recovered from that gift, but I have degenerated into a sinus infection. Grrr....waiting for the doctor to call back now.

    Yes, I too have a cell phone I don't use. I'm a family joke. But the camera. Birds....we can now see your birds as you see them. Ducks. Oh, once you learn how to use it, you will have a ball.

  4. RYN: Referral? Photos....nope, I totally forgot to take any at all. Since I always do, I thought I had. No one home at all today either....I shall blame it on the sinus infection.

  5. It is true that some of us have too much. On the other hand, a really good olive oil is a life necessity.

  6. I've never even heard of eyebrow stores. Where have I been?

    John wanted to get me an iPhone. but for the reasons you've stated I turned it down. One in the household is enough! You'll probably grow to love it though; at least that's what I hear. You should get the app PaperKarma for eliminating junk mail; it works.

  7. I hope you also found an abundance of good cheer and love!

  8. Glad we don't do the 12 days of Christmas as well. Our family is trying to simplify too. Glad to have an option. Eyebrow store? New to me too.

  9. An eyebrow store????

  10. It's such a glut of stuff and information, gilded fruit and wind-up nightingales. Blessings too.

  11. I agree with you about being tired of the abundance of the holidays. We're back to the simple life that living here in winter brings.

  12. I was made slightly ill at the sight of a complete Martha Stewart brand tree-trimming kit I saw on sale the other day.
    It is not possible to avoid Christmas; not even Jews and Buddhists can! However, it is pretty tolerable in Hawaii, at least where I live, on the Big Island.
    Everyone I know on the Mainland is sick. I suppose we'll get sick, too, when we go to visit our grandkids in a couple of weeks.

  13. I started shaving my legs a century ago and remember mutilating the first leg and having to wait for my sister to help me the the next night shaving the second. If only we had an "Art of Shaving" store back then. Today my daughter would want to send me to one of the eyebrow stores because I too allow my brows to run amok. At least I do not have a uni-brow. How did we ever survive? Cannot wait for your spy pictures.

  14. Abundance
    too much out there.
    With my trying to simplify
    there is still too much.
    All I wanted this year was special lotions, soap, warm socks, warm gloves, candy and books. They arr arrived along with a special bell to hang on screen porch.
    Eyebrows, you can hardly see mine and do not want anymore :)
    Enjoy the abundance...

  15. What exactly goes down at an eyebrow store? I'm confused. Do they wax your eyebrows? Massage them? Stare at them? Strange.
    I would like an abundance of sleep. I don't think it's going to happen. ;)

  16. Oh my gawd, you made me laugh out loud!!
    I too am tired of the abundance of germs my beautiful grands shared with me way before Christmas - and I'm still coughing too (even after a round of antibiotics and puffers).

    I also decry the specialty foods (not to mention over-fancy totally unnecessary packaging) when many starve.

    I am looking forward (but with many reservations) to getting a Smart phone. Never thought of the too thin aspect - but then I still have the old-fashioned flip-up bulky one. I know I will never ever used all the features, but I don't want to be a dinosaur. And yeah, about the only time I use it is to find my daughter in the mall. LOL!

    Have fun with your camera.
    I enjoyed this post. Oh, and thank you for your kind comment on my POTW post.

  17. Abundant abundance - but doesn't it feel good to get back to relative simplicity after the holiday glut? Learn how to use that fancy camera and start an abundance of YouTube bird adventures ;)

  18. Sounds like me, Tabor, there was too much of everything around here during the holidays, and such a LOT of cleaning up.


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