Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Is Not an Unlucky Number

Responses to past questions in no particular order from ya'll:

Never played Angry Birds, but I do know what it is.  (I got a smart phone for Christmas, unasked for, and I am sure I will not play Angry Birds on it.  I am hoping I can just figure out how to make calls!)  The Angry Birds game in the post below was a lego-like game without the great Lego engineering behind it.

I do not know what Google Reader is and glad that I have 117 followers there--so should I shoot for 150 now?  How can I not know  about this stuff?

Regarding the malware issue, I deleted the html link from my side bar to another blogger and deleted the html link in my post to the same blogger and that got rid of my malware issue.  I still cannot go there to read her posts and I love her blog very much, so this is very frustrating!  I will try again soon.

I also cannot leave a comment on Murmurrs and I love her blog to death as well!!  I log in as Google reader, I log in as anonymous, nothing works.  I seem to have resolved The Chubby Chatterbox issue.  WILL YOU ALL PLEASE JUST STAY PUT!

On the bright side, 2013 is going to be a great year for us all...I just KNOW THAT!


  1. I could have sworn I saw a comment from you on Murmurrs. Maybe they are registering, even if you don't know it.

    Let me know how you like your phone. I'm ready for a new one.

  2. I'm receiving your comments just fine now which pleases me no end because I really didn't want to lose you. Happy New Year.

  3. If you asked me I would tell you that I am not superstitious. However my paternal grandfather had a great influence on me and I know all the thing to avoid. They cross my mind out of indoctrination. I am still anticipating a healthy and healing 2013:) That is my same wish for you.

  4. Happy New Year hun!!!

  5. Looking forward to another year of your posts!

  6. hummm ~ my counter on my sidebar says you have 99. It’s all just numbers, Tabor. Reach as high as you like in this new 2013. Make it a good one.

  7. Happy and healthy wishes for the coming year.

  8. Google plus, can they see us there if we are signed on? Muy confusing. Good luck with the phone, I am about to make that change as well. Not crazy to learn to text but there are several young grand teens in my life who will talk if I text, too good to pass up.

  9. Hope 2013 is a lovely one for you and your family! Happy New Year!

  10. Happy new year dear friend. You might try signing in via facebook. Sometimes that's an available choice.

    For me, google reader is a listing of all the blogs I read in one spot. You can read it in their program, or you can double click on the blog and read it in blogger/et al. I find it a really handy tool when I am far, far, behind reading my friends here.

    You may struggle with the phone, but I bet grandkids leap on it and make the angry birds work effortlessly. LOL Stay warm.

  11. Happy New Year! I loved your family photos!
    My blog service has been acting up, too, darn it.
    We soldier on.

  12. My grandson is obsessed with angry bird games (used to be Spiderman, then Mario). He even has angry birds in star wars characters.

    My blog is fine now. If you are still getting malware warnings it is is an old message that needs to be refreshed. Try googling loose leaf notes and click from there. Doug, my local webhoster, moved the blog to a new server which did the trick.


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