Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hurricane Pasta

As I write this, Hurricane Sandy is just off shore from the north part of the state of Florida.  We are getting scary reports about how this will be a 'perfect' storm when it meets up with a strong cold front bearing down from the Northwest even though it has been downgraded to a tropical storm.

We have spent the day moving patio furniture, getting the boat off the lift and on a trailer, and checking what errands we may have to run tomorrow to prepare for any loss of electricity for an extensive time.  We have filled the kiddie pool with water, frozen plastic jugs of water, checked our flashlights, finished all laundry, moved canoes and the kayak to shelter and started to eat lots of food from the fridge.

Hubby also made the first harvest of his oyster mushrooms which he "planted" or whatever it is you do with mushrooms last spring behind the tool shed.  They are mushrooms.

I checked out the fridge and felt we needed to use up as much cheese as we could in the event we lose electricity next week.  Hubby went to the store for some half and half while I shredded some sharp Provolone, some Fontina and broke up the little bit of some left over blue cheese.  I melted butter along with all the cheese (nice and rich) and when hubby came back I added about two cups of the half and half that he bought..cream would have made thicker sauce, but I do draw the line somewhere.  Then I added salt, pepper and nutmeg.  Once the cheese was melted I discovered that we had a small package of turkey bacon and a leftover package of frozen peas.  I microwaved the bacon and added it along with the frozen peas into the sauce along with the first harvest of the oyster mushrooms which I had cleaned and sliced.


I also had a small bottle of white truffle oil which I drizzled over the top...just to make sure there was enough fat in this meal.

I cooked linguine al dente.  Then poured on the sauce and hubby "roughly" chopped fresh basil as a garnish.  Way too much fat in this soup, but with a hurricane on its way in a few days, I felt justified.   This made up recipe may now become known as hurricane pasta at our house in the future.

If you do not hear from me in a week or must mean there is no electricty here due to the storm.  Wish us luck!


  1. You have made all the preparations. Sometimes that is all it takes to 'prevent' the storm. I do recall that there was a freakish snow storm in coastal New England last year at just this time of year. Electric was out for a week or more. It seems like the weather channel makes major drama about impending storms, but too often, they get it right.

  2. Will be watching for more news from you as this monster passes. You sure know how to clean out a fridge, lady. Stay safe. My main wish is you let the shots go by and hunker down with your camera until it’s time to venture out.

  3. Hurricane Pasta sounds delicious...I'm so pleased you met Maggie...I was fortunate to meet her about a year ago in San Diego....she's such a great lady as is her dear husband.

  4. I like that thinking! It sounds as though this is whopper of a storm. Be safe!

  5. p.s. Tell us more about "planting" mushrooms.

  6. We cross our fingers and toes while watching the weather for you. You have done everything you can, and I so hope you and yours will be ok. Even with the high fat pasta that looks wonderful.

  7. Hurricane pasta looks delicious!
    Hope I can read your another posting pretty soon. Be safe.

  8. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Those mushrooms look delicious. Stay safe!

  9. Having gone through Andrew, Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Issac, and other smaller storms over the years, know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone in the path of this storm.

    Hurricane Pasta sounds fabulous, though!

  10. Keeping an eye out for you. Sounds like you two have your prep business down pat. May the whole thing pass you by.

  11. I pray that you stay out of harms way and sail through this storm without any negative repercussions. Take care.

  12. O man Tabor-------perfect storm pasta looks so good. I'm still staring at this morns oatmeal.
    Yes. It's one of those weeks.
    Yes I'm still around.
    You Guys will be fine. "Baby the rain must fall" And the wind must blow.
    Hope you've many warm blankets!

  13. My prayers surround you.
    And that pasta dish sounds so yummy!!
    I will be right over..with fork in hand!!

  14. Now, wouldn't that make a great cook book? Hurricane meals?

  15. LOVE Olga's comment - prep sometimes prevents! We're orig from FL (think Hurr Andrew 92). SeNDING love, luck, prayers, and thoughts your way- stay safe <3

  16. oh wow...someone is eating good...nice on the shrooms as well...we are prepped for the storm...they told us to be in by 8 pm tonight...all our non perishables ready to go as well...

    be safe...see you on the other side...

  17. Just watched the news.
    Stay safe...
    I have 2 granddaughter's in N.Y.
    and grandson in Washington D.C.
    Hope it is not as bad as they are predicting...

  18. well, you had sandy pass by, now it's our turn up north for the prep....

  19. Whatever port in a storm? Eating is always a good way to deal with stress.

  20. Oh that sounds absolutely delicious. Fattening.. but yummy.


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