Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Mystery of Mist

Once we have checked out how the garden is doing and put to permanent sleep the weeds that have been awakened by spring we sometimes get the urge to take a drive and see how the rest of the land is doing.

We went for just such a drive the other day (the day I took those peach blossom photos in the orchard that I posted on my other blog) and as we headed across this large peninsula to the side that greets the large bay we noticed the fog had banked inland and was holding its own even though the morning was waning.  Since it was just before lunch we headed to a little town down the road.

A heavy fog rolls in off the bay on many of these spring days as the night air is just cold enough to capture the water and hold it, and if there is no wind, the mist just floats around hiding the corners of life.  This white cloud gets a short way inland and then the heat of the land and/or the heat of the sun seems to make it melt before our eyes.

This little town we reached was once an escape for city folk who were tired of summer heat and wanted a respite by the shore.  There is a small beach here and several nearby marshes that are just perfect for a change from city life.  It is still a tourist town, but the ability to travel greater distances to much larger beaches has pulled most of the tourists further away from this area, and I think that has helped this little community retain its charm.

The horizon line of the bay was hidden by deep fog and yet the warmth and quiet of the morning brought people out.  Various water birds were enjoying new algal growth or building nests. There were two naked toddlers playing at the edge of the water under the peaceful eyes of parents.  Three ladies sat in beach chairs and chatted quietly while one knitted.   And, of course, there were lots of dog walkers.

We took a walk along the newly constructed boardwalk beneath the spring blossoms of various trees and enjoyed the magical mist along with several others who had taken the morning off.  As with most small towns that have not yet been drowned in tourism people were ever so friendly and smiling.  We greeted them and patted their dogs on the head, commented on the strange weather, and talked about the good old days, even though we had shared different good old days.  It was lovely with temperatures in the 70s.  We had lunch at a small table just outside one of the local restaurants that was close to the local Post Office, which of course, provided us the perfect "Andy from Mayberry" experience...just thought I would share.


  1. You have captured a real sense of the mist in that street along the beach. I love those 'forgotten' places (the ones that don't make it to the Top Ten lists) that retain the charm of an earlier time.

  2. Great pictures. The cherry and plum blossoms I'm seeing now almost take my breath away.

  3. Oh, you would laugh at me. I'm sitting here Oooohing and Ahhhhhing over the color as if I had never seen spring before. That top shot says it all.

  4. Spring has Sprung!!!! Your photos are awesome. I just get so excited this time of year. AND that trip to the 'seashore' must have been wonderful. Love seeing the fog... Thanks for some great photos.

  5. That first shot is stunning and makes me want to look beyond where the blossoms are outlined in darker branches. It's a sweet day journey post that makes me curious about where you actually were. Spring has caught me off guard.

  6. Thank you
    I feel as though
    I have been on
    a short trip
    in a different area.
    Love the water
    and these kind of towns...

  7. I'm glad you did. What a beautiful spot. I love those beautifully blossomed trees.

    Fog sure does change the landscape. I have a post coming up Thursday which also features fog.

  8. I especially like the final shot. I'm a big fan of those octagonal windows, and having one framed by the lovely tree... Gorgeous!

  9. My favourite kind of place, secretive and friendly, not brash and noisy like the big tourist traps. I hope you will have many more happy lunches there.

  10. What beautiful scenery! I love the colors of this season and I love the misty shots as well. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I can soak in this kind of scenery all day long! Your pictures make me anticipate more of it.

  12. spectacular photos.


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