Thursday, September 09, 2010

Thursday Thirteen---Can You Guess? (Perhaps more relevant...Do you care?)

( I admit I am never very good at this...)
  1. Give a speech two steps lower than a national icon and that makes it excusable. Course you are didn't realize it was the iconic day!
  2. It is almost 500 pages long and a pathetic excuse for a best seller.  I think Abby on NCIS is more exotic and believable than this girl. 
  3. Guess who is the next star... young mom who needs money and is willing to use accidental fame to dance with the stars ? I do not watch so have no bets down.
  4. Since I have a gate and a fence (for the deer) I can expect a reasonable amount of privacy in my driveway from guess who? (Remember the news legality of searching your car ?)
  5. I am going to get a third one it appears...but I will only have two at a time. (Yes, I have mixed feelings.)
  6. It missed us, thank goodness, but not by much.
  7. I did like the dream within a dream within a dream story.  But there were a few holes at the end.
  8. I mashed them, then ground them in the coffee grinder and they were wonderfully pungent as well as sweet like sugar!
  9. I met #3 (nothing to do with #5).  I hope this is the last one.
  10. Someone told me the other day that when I wear the clip to pull back my bangs on a hot day I look 'ugly.' (Can you guess who?) At least there is potential for not looking ugly.
  11. Heading out for travel for a week...can you guess where?
  12. We were given a Princess and we returned a Power Girl.
  13. How much weight I have lost after a month of pretty intense exercise?
Answers in next post.


  1. I await the answers,glad the young mom isn't pole dancing. Not watching her either. And the speech, unforgivable, such a jerk.

  2. I know a couple and I'm guessing on a few more. Fun post! I'll be back for the answers.

  3. I am fairly certain number 3 is Bristol.

    And is number 2 her Mother's book?

    Not a clue on number 1 or 4.

    Is number 5 a new grandbaby? If so, congratulations!

    Number 6 - a hurricane? Earl?

    Number 7 - the move Inception?

    Number 8 - your cinnamon sticks?

    Number 9 - sons' new girlfriend?

    Number 10 - grandchild?

    Number 11 - No idea.

    Number 12 - your grand daughter?

    Number 13 - Zero. (As in: WHAT! All that hard work and I get nothing!)

    This was fun!

  4. I'll go with Peruby because I don't have a clue. Hope I remember to check back for real answers.

  5. It's hard for my brain to work in a Jeopardy way. But I think 3. Kate G./ 5. New grandkid?? 6. Earl. Got a couple more but have forgotten already.

  6. I wish I knew what you are talking about.
    I can't even get the allusions, is it just the other world I live in?
    Yes, I do damned well care, I am now VERY curious.

  7. I'll wait, right here, not moving. :)


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