Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Answers--- Read It Like You Really Care.

For those who live out-side the country, do not dismay.  The answers to some of these are U.S. news items.  (Congrats to Peruby and others who got many right!)

  1. Give a speech two steps lower than a national icon and that makes it excusable. Course you are didn't realize it was the iconic day! (Glenn Beck)
  2. It is almost 500 pages long and a pathetic excuse for a best seller.  I think Abby on NCIS is more exotic and believable than this girl. (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  Between the sado-masochism, incest, and 50 year old protagonist with numerous girlfriends of all ages jumping into his bed...I found the mystery not worthy of my time.)
  3. Guess who is the next star... young mom who needs money and is willing to use accidental fame to dance with the stars ? I do not watch so have no bets down. (Sarah Palin's oldest daughter on Dancing With the Stars.)
  4. Since I have a gate and a fence (for the deer) I can expect a reasonable amount of privacy in my driveway from guess who? (Remember the news legality of searching your car even while parked in your driveway? The Feds can now also confiscate my laptop without reason at customs points and hang onto it for days while reading everything on it.)
  5. I am going to get a third one it appears...but I will only have two at a time. (Yes, I have mixed feelings.) (My daughter is pregnant with the third Grandchild.  Lord help us all.)
  6. It missed us, thank goodness, but not by much. (Hurricane Earl)
  7. I did like the dream within a dream within a dream story.  But there were a few holes at the end. (The movie, Enception.)
  8. I mashed them, then ground them in the coffee grinder and they were wonderfully pungent as well as sweet like sugar! (My cinnamon sticks from Indonesia.  These are so much more pungent than store bought!)
  9. I met #3 (nothing to do with #5).  I hope this is the last one. (My son's new girlfriend spent the weekend at our house.  She is pretty cool...has won an Emmy.)
  10. Someone told me the other day that when I wear the clip to pull back my bangs on a hot day I look 'ugly.' (Can you guess who?) At least there is potential for not looking ugly. (My too-honest granddaughter whose standards for beauty will get even higher as she grows older and I get uglier.)
  11. Heading out for travel for a week...can you guess where? (Calgary and the nearby mountains of Canada!  Lots of photos to follow.  I will probably have some pre-written posts for you to read.  Don't want my fans bored, after all.)
  12. We were given a Princess and we returned a Power Girl. (My granddaughter, of course.)
  13. How much weight I have lost after a month of pretty intense exercise? (One lousy pound!!!  I run pretty close to 3 ten-minute miles on the elliptical, do 30 minutes of arm and leg free weights and then about 15 minutes of stretching and yoga at least 3 times a week although sometimes 5 times a week, in case you want to commiserate.)


  1. I used to go to the gym and was astonished when the calorie counter showed that you only burn 150 calories for an hour on the treadmill. They kept trying to convince me that I was losing weight because muscle weighs more than fat. They why did I stlll have those ugly fat rolls around my middle?

    I can only lose weight by dieting, and I hate doing that.

    I hate to tell you that I loved The Girl With the Spider Tattoo. I agree that Abby is by far the more admirable character, but I liked Seive Larsson's style of writing and read the entire trilogy. He said he invented the male slut in Mikael.

  2. Tabor, first trip out to grocery in 9 days. Smile at your answers and I was right for a few. Some I did not know what you are talking about. Remember I live in the woods. If anyone wants to lose weight - come to the woods and follow my routine and eat my tiny portions and I guarantee you will lose weight. Your daughter will have her hands full (and you!!) but as you grow old - hopefully they are a pleasure. Mine make me smile and worry. Your son - if this is the right one it will happen. Saw my son through this and he is in his 40's and still single. Safe travel wishes and thank you always for your kind remarks to me. I have written you a letter :)

  3. I had some pretty good guesses. :)

    Go have fun. :)

  4. Enjoyed the last three posts - trying to catch up after my time away.

    My recipe for losing weight: spend a week with my two sisters (they are tiny and both could easily fit in my skin at the same time with room to spare) eating tiny meals and walking a LOT. Then spend a week with my son (a vegetarian who loves to hike) camping in the wilds of the Olympic National Park. Eat LOTS of vegetables and hike for miles each day. Net result? Nine pounds down! I'll introduce you to them :)

  5. yes well, most of these didn't mean much to me.
    No matter how global and inter-connected the world we live in is, we still live miles apart.

    Happy Holidays.

  6. Fun stuff.. most I wouldn't have guessed. Traveling, you say.. welcome to Canada, eh? :)

  7. Congratulations on the grandchild!!

    I am about to start that book, so I hope I don't share your opinion.

  8. I was just going to go out and jump on the trampoline but i just talked myself out of it! Have fun on your latest excursion.

  9. You are so lovely and more and more honest and I admire that so much.

    Have a wonderful trip and know that we will be thinking of you.


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