Thursday, November 05, 2009

Century recycling

Above is a photo of something we use every year to hold the fall leaves and to transport to the compost bin. It is a tattered parachute. Hubby got it from some surplus store about a century ago and, while spotted with various paints and stains from our housekeeping life, it still holds strong and true to carry our leaves.

This photo is some of the oak wood we had split to use to warm ourselves this winter. I think this tree grew about a century ago before it was removed to build this house.
Most of the wood that we split now is from deadfall and the disease scars are revealed in the heartwood. Seeing such lovely grainwood as above is rare and you can see the war it declared with the chainsaw.


  1. I'm glad to learn parachutes are such sturdy stuff. Much stronger and more durable than I would have believed.

    If I ever take up skydiving, I want to know my chute is made to last.

  2. Ah, parachute! What a great idea for leaves! I wish I had known about it when I lived in Boston. In Charleston, I go out and pick up the fall leaves with a tweezer. There are usually three, maybe four leaves.

  3. Wish I had access to a parachute.
    Regarding the wood - I think so many times that I wish these woods could talk to me. The spot I built my home has never had anything on it but trees, leaves and wildlife. At first I almost felt guilty about building on this virgin soil.

  4. What a great way to recycle. I am sure the material in a parachute would have to be the strongest made. You will probably be putting leaves in it for many years.

  5. What a clever use of a chute. Like Barry said, it's nice to know they're so durable.


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